Are You Headed For a Divorce? But Want To Turn Things Around?

 Has it come to the point that you and your spouse can no longer get along? Maybe you are headed for divorce, but you don’t really want one. First you need to weigh the pros and cons of staying in the relationship. Then weigh the pros and cons of not being in the relationship. If staying in the relationship has more cons then it might be more beneficial for everyone involved if the relationship ended. Staying in an unhealthy relationship is not good for you, your spouse, or the children (if you have any).  But if there are more pros to staying together then you need to evaluate the situation.

First you need to think have you done everything you could to make the relationship work. Has your spouse done everything they could to make it work? A relationship will not work if only one person is giving it their all. A marriage takes a lot of hard work and commitment.

Secondly talk to your spouse and tell them how you feel and how much you don’t want a divorce. If there are things in the relationship that you have been fighting about maybe now is the time to compromise some. Remember that your spouse has wants and needs to. There maybe things that they want to do that you don’t necessarily agree with, but maybe could compromise and say I don’t agree but if this is what you really want or want to do I will compromise and support you.

Third don’t let others dictate your relationship. First off it’s not good to tell friends and family when you are having problems in your relationship. Because usually everyone has their opinions of what you should do. But only you and your spouse know what’s good for your relationship and your family. So, don’t let what others say you should and shouldn’t do run your relationship. Make decisions for yourself and let your heart and mind guide you to what you want.

Finally once you and your spouse have talked, if you have decided against the divorce know that it will take a lot of hard work to get things back to the way they should be. But know that it is possible. Getting counseling at this point is a good idea. Because it will help you both open up about your feelings and what needs to change in order for you to be happy in the relationship. It will also give you help on how to get things back to normal.

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