Books that Help You Cope with Divorce

M. Gary Neuman writes Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce. This book discusses the fact that kids often take all of the blame when their parents split up, and it really mentions the Sandcastles workshop, which is a half day group session that encourages children to speak of their feelings and open up through the use of poems, role playing, and other kinds of art and games that help them vent their feelings. The book speaks of the importance of these methods and talks about how they can really help the children understand that what happened is not at all their fault. Also, the book suggests ways that parents can break the news to the children and help them deal with things like shared holidays, anger, custody arrangements, etc. Without a preaching tone, this book comes off as a really helpful guide.

Getting Past Your Breakup is a book by Susan J. Elliot who writes about how there is acute pain after a divorce and how no one can be expected to be cured of that instantly. She uses her own personal experiences and talks of how she is sometimes still obsessed with her ex or blames herself for what happened. She insists that a no contact rule is sometimes the best in getting through a hard time but acknowledges that there are times when shared friends and family can make things even rougher on a struggling duo. But, her book seeks to help people work through all that grief and to somehow transform their lives into something that achieves peace and serenity about all that took place.

Half of all marriages end in divorce and getting through this life-changing event can be hard on parents and children alike. Read these bestsellers to aid in getting through one of the most difficult times of your family’s life. Invisible Tears by Abigail Lawrence is a fictional story about the tumultuous life of a young girl named Abbie from childhood to teenage years. When she is six-years old, her mother goes to the hospital and never returns. Abbie is passed to whoever will care for her, which includes her twisted and psychologically damaging step-mother who inflicts unimaginable physical and sexual torture upon Abbie.

As a teenager, Abbie is uncontrollable as she becomes a Modette during the 80s revival, finds a love of scooters, rebellion, and gang life on the wild side. She dabbles with alcohol, drugs, and sex at a very young age. No one seems to be able to get through to her because she has no morals or sense of self-worth. Eventually disowned by her family, Abbie is in the care of courts until she is left alone and pregnant at the age of sixteen, haunted by the secrets of her past.

Rebuilding by Bruce Fisher is about what to do when your relationship ends. Internationally renowned divorce therapist Bruce Fisher makes the long and difficult process of divorce recovery easier than ever before. Through a proven and supportive nineteen step program of putting one’s life back together after divorce, Fisher builds his ideas off of twenty years of research and practice. His process is the most widely used approach to divorce recovery and has made the divorce process less traumatic and a lot healthier for its readers. This third edition has been revised and updated with the help of Dr. Robert Alberti, psychologist and marriage and family therapist who continues Fisher’s tradition of compassionate responses to those who are divorced or divorcing.

103 Group Activities and Tips by Judith A. Belmont is a therapeutic toolbox of innovative and experiential exercises to enhance any group. For more than 30 years, Belmont has gathered clinical experience from her passion for hands-on mental wellness education. These exercises are straightforward and universally relevant. They are geared to helping participants take a proactive approach and experience change instead of just talking about change. Each exercise is easy to understand. Blueprints for group success are included with icebreakers, role plays, stress resiliency, imagery, and skill building.

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