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The “Non-Divorce” Divorce

This past week, typically mindless commentary during a popular morning talk show caught my attention. All of a sudden amidst my morning routine, I heard words and phrases like “solution” and “cost-effective” and “best interests of the children” and… “divorce.” The host claimed there is a new phenomenon in which a married couple remains together, in almost every sense of the word, despite the fact that both desire a divorce. He referred to it as the “non-divorce” divorce. Supposedly, this trend is gaining popularity as the solution to a failed marriage.

The “non-divorce” divorce is a mutual verbal agreement between two married individuals who want to keep their marriage in tact, but fully accept that the relationship is over. The goal is to feel divorced while continuing to live together and not get a divorce. In other words, the couple does not want to go through the divorce process, but they don’t want to reconcile either. They don’t want to hire attorneys, file papers, argue over custody or support, lessen the time their children see either of them, or lose one-half of their financial assets. So, they decide to remain as if they are married. They live in the same family home as roommates, participate in their children’s lives as they had before they wanted a divorce, and maintain/preserve the marital estate.

Of course, most couples who attempt the “non-divorce” divorce are those who have children and/or those that have been married a considerable period of time and do not feel it is beneficial to disrupt the community on an emotional or financial level. Or at least they feel that the costs of a divorce clearly overshadow the costs of remaining together-even when there is no love left.

I cannot speak to the negative psychological effects that could result from this “solution.” However, I can certainly speak to the negative legal effects and problems that could arise.

First, if you never decide to separate in family law terms (that is, one party making a conscious decision that the marriage is irrevocably over and communicating the intention to end the marriage), there is never a date of separation. The “date of separation” is important in family law because it marks the end of the community. From that date there is no longer a collection of community assets or community debts-instead, a spouse’s separate property and debts begin to accumulate, as they did before marriage. Your spouse will continue to be entitled to one-half of all of your property and you will be liable for one-half of your spouse’s debt. Therefore, if you are both managing your finances separately without full disclosure and mutual agreement, you could be adversely affected. What’s more, your spouse will continue to be entitled to all benefits they were when you were happily married, including possible rights to the family home, life insurance, devises/gifts from a will or trust, and health insurance, to name a few.

The determination of a long term marriage (which can yield indefinite spousal support) is also associated with the date of separation. For example, if your marriage is eight years in duration, and you attempt a non-divorce for 3 years, followed by a real dissolution, the court’s characterization of the marriage as long term will probably be contested and require substantial litigation.

Living as financially independent roommates could also present a problem with expenses. Unless you agree to distribute both of your respective incomes in a way that benefits the community, one spouse may not have enough to support his or her lifestyle. Regardless, if you are still residing in the family home with your spouse, the courts will not grant any spousal or child support. Since you have avoided going to the courts entirely, a support award is virtually impossible anyway.)

In the same way, no child custody or visitation orders will ever be established. This means that after attempting the “non-divorce” divorce for a year or so, and after resorting to the real thing, a parent may have a hard time making a case that he or she should be the primary custodian. This is because even if one parent is the primary caregiver during the non-divorce, this fact will be hard to establish if both parents were living in the same home all the while.

For the aforementioned reasons, the non-divorce presents significant legal problems. Spouses who try this “solution” cannot be guaranteed that one spouse will not attempt to obtain a legal divorce down the road. If this occurs, a spouse will not be afforded some of the protections that a traditional divorce provides. In order to ensure that you make an educated decision, you should speak to an attorney who specializes in family law matters. He or she can point you to two potential solutions-a post-nuptial agreement or a legal separation. Both options will cost some amount of fees and time in mundane paperwork, but will allow you to live whatever lifestyle you want with protection and peace of mind.

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The 10 Best Hair Bands of the 1980’s

The 10 best hair bands of the 1980’s had big hair and even bigger hits.  Often referred to as “posers” because they seemed to care more about their image than the music,  hair bands came onto the music scene in the 1980’s and took MTV by storm.  Dressed in leather, spandex, and boots, these bands preened and posed, giving sultry looks right into the camera. The music they played was a mix of rock and roll and heavy metal-a very light”pop” metal. Because the musicians had long, flowing hair moussed and hair sprayed to the heavens, they became known as “hair bands”.

Here are ten of the best hair bands of the 1980’s.


Kip Winger and company hit the music scene in 1988 with the smash hit Madelaine.  His smoldering good looks were perfect for music video.  Along with band mates Reb Beach, Rod Morgenstern and John Roth, they toured the world with artists like ZZ Top. and heated up the charts from 1988-1994.  They had several successful reunion tours  during the 1990’s with a slightly changed line up, and released a new CD in November 2009 called Karma.  This musical effort garnered Winger a list on the top 10 best album list of almost every rock website and magazine.[3556]

Voice Blogging Your Way to Income – Talk Radio Does It, Why Not You?

Millions and millions of people spend their free time listening to Talk Radio. The revenue from these shows must be good or the likes of Rush Limbaugh wouldn’t be there.

How can we cash in on this market?

You could buy advertising, if you have that kind of budget. You could write a book, get it published and hit the airwaves.

There are endless ways to get yourself out there and noticed. Some are good but most are questionable.

What you need is your own Talk Radio show! That way you control the message.

You can go to one of your local radio stations and buy air time. Once again, you have to have the budget to do this and remember the cheapest air time is at night… late at night!

Remember too… if you are not trained in the ways of radio broadcasting, you will need to hire people to help you; get phones set up for people to call in on, a switchboard to handle the calls and a thousand other things that make it happen. Do you have a small army of people who can help you?

As you can see, there’s a good reason why Rush Limbaugh works with a company that specializes in doing Talk Radio.

There’s a lot of software out there to help you do this from your home! But once again, do you have the budget? Cost is the barrier here and knowing how to use the whole ball of wax takes time to learn.

This is where the internet comes to our rescue once again!

There are websites out there that make it as easy as 1-2-3 to broadcast your own radio talk show.

They have integrated all the elements together for you:

* Most are web-based and listeners have no software to download

* Online chats

* Phones numbers for the call-ins, even 1-800 for a fee

* Switchboard to handle all the calls

* Many of the services are FREE

* Shows are broadcast from the host’s page directly from the web and it’s all live broadcasting

* Shows are archived as podcasts and listeners can download or stream the archives directly or subscribe to the show

* All those thousand and one things are handled by the website

All that is left to do is to find your niche and broadcast it to the world wide web. Are you the next Talk Radio superstar?

John Rakestraw host of “Shut Up and Think!” a show. He brings you his Self Help show every night at 6:30 PM PT. Broadcasting from the wilds of Oregon, John’s message is about putting America back to work with a plan that will make us all Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser. Join his quest at

A Guide to Talking to the Media from an Insider

I am the media.  I work as a reporter, editor and producer for a network.

Cue the hisses, catcalls, tomato throwing and villagers with torches and pitchforks.

I know my job ranks up there with lawyers, politicians and used car salesmen.

I am also just like you. I’m actually a little shy.

A major part of of my job is talking to people. It’s also one of the best parts of my job.

Why would you have to talk to the media?

You don’t, but you may want to.

In 1968 Andy Warhol talked about everyone having fifteen minutes of fame. You may be called up to reach your fifteen minutes of fame as someone who witnessed a remarkable event like a tornado, or as a spokesperson for your group or organization.

Ahead, lets look at the three types of people we regularly talk to, and how to make talking to the media a pleasant and productive experience.

Who Does the Media Talk to?

Rick Perry, Nikki Haley to Speak at Convention of RedState Bloggers

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a potential Republican candidate for president in 2012, will be among the speakers next month in Charleston, S.C., at the RedState Gathering, a national conference of conservative bloggers.

The third annual event will be Aug. 12-14 at Charleston’s Francis Marion Hotel. Registration is $149 a person.

Other speakers at the conference will include South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican; U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.; Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Texas; Adam Hasner, a GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate from Florida; and Michael Williams, a Republican candidate for the U.S. House from Texas.

Invites have been extended to Republican presidential contenders Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty as well as U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., who announced in January that he isn’t pursuing a White House bid in 2012.

Among sponsors of the RedState convention are Heritage Action for America, an affiliate of the Heritage Foundation that promotes conservative federal policies; FreedomWorks, a nonprofit group that advocates for lower taxes and less government; South Carolina FairTax, a group working to eliminate state income taxes; and the Faith & Freedom Coalition, whose founder and chairman is conservative religious leader Ralph Reed., the organizer of the conference, bills itself as the “leading” conservative news blog for “right-of-center online activists.”

Perry is sponsoring a contest soliciting videos from RedState supporters. The winner of the contest will attend the Charleston gathering for free and have his or her video screened for the RedState audience.

Perry’s camp describes RedState as “an online collaboration of grassroots conservatives using new media to spread the message of limited government and personal freedom.”

Erick Erickson is editor of He is a political contributor to CNN and host of a radio talk show in Atlanta. Before co-founding, Erickson practiced law for six years and managed several political campaigns. He is a former member of the City Council in Macon, Ga.

The 2010 RedState Gathering was held in Austin, Texas.


A resident of Austin since 1999, John Egan has 25 years of experience in journalism, communications and public relations. From 1999 to 2006, he was editor and managing editor of the Austin Business Journal. John’s business blog, called AustInnovation, is at …

John Egan’s author pageAuthor’s Blog

Best Applications for the HTC Thunderbolt

This is a list of the best HTC Thunderbolt apps. We have included only those applications that can make full use of it’s capabilities.

The HTC Thunderbolt comes with some pretty standout specs, including a 4.3” WVGA TFT capacitive touch screen; two cameras (the main one being a 8MP with auto-focus). Anyone who wants to make full use of this phone should be looking for apps that can make full use of this mobile multimedia powerhouse. This article is our take on what are the top 10 HTC Thunderbolt applications.


There is no doubt that the HTC Thunderbolt is a multi-media powerhouse, but while its 4.3” display is generous, it is certainly not large enough for a group of people to watch content on together. Enter Skifta. This app is a global remote control that enables users to access their media remotely, whether it is stored half way around the world or from a laptop that’s in the next room.

Skifta makes it possible to stream a movie to a large screen TV from your Android without the wires. The technology works whether or not the media is on your phone, the Internet, or other remote media. All you need is Wi-Fi. The media can then be played or streamed onto a DLNA compatible device (TV, audio system) that is within range of the smartphone, provided that the Skifta app is running of course.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

With more than 250k downloads, and nearly 10k reviews (averaging over 4.5/5), there is no doubt that MyFitnessPal is a popular and highly rated weight management app. MyFitnessPal helps its user to know for sure how many calories they are taking in as well as the nutritional value of foods they are eating, or are considering purchasing. MyFitnessPal has a database of over 600,000 foods that can be used to track nutritional intake, and on the other side of the equation, the calories burned. The app can be an indispensable resource for tracking your nutrition and exercise program, but with its charts and reporting features it is also a great weight management tool as well. This app is free.

CamScanner – Phone to Scanner

More effectively manage the hardcopies of documents you already have by using CamScanner to scan, store and file those documents. Whether the app is used to scan and file letters, or record receipts for accounting purposes, this app is more than useful for those who have an aversion to paper clutter. How it works? Simply use the app to take a picture of a document or business card, after which the auto crop algorithm will process the image by removing excessive borders, identify the text regions and properly orient the image. CamScanner can be used to create PDFs, and a backup on Dropbox as well. This paid Android app costs $4.99.

Wifi Analyzer

If you are going to use your Thunderbolt to its fullest capability you may very well need to transfer lots of video, pictures and programs to the phone. Therefore, having a good Wi-Fi signal is essential for quickly transmitting a large amount of media. Use Wifi Analyzer to show the Wi-Fi channels that are around you and find the ones that are less crowded on a given router to get the best performance. If you are concerned that the Wi-Fi feature will drain the phone’s battery, turn it off automatically when you are not within range of a good Wi-Fi access point by using the “Auto Wifi Enabler app.”

Daily Bible

There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular and highly rated Bible software options for Android devices on the Market. The app can be set to guide you through a daily reading plan by prompting you when it is time to read a verse, or taking you to where you stopped reading the last time. For times when you don’t want to do the reading yourself, the app can actually speak the verses to you. Daily Bible has all the features you would expect a good Android Bible app to have, including support for popular versions (NIV, KJV, ESV, ASV, etc), access to devotional podcasts, and a powerful search feature. Just like salvation, this app is also free to download and use.

Our roundup of the best HTC Thunderbolt apps continues on the next page.

Top 10 Apps for the HTC ThunderboltThis article is a roundup of the top 10 HTC Thunderbolt applications. The article reviews the best apps that can make good use of the phone’s powerhouse specs.

AdFree Android

In some cases free is good, but often free apps are bundled with ads to help developer(s) cover the cost of bringing the application to market and providing support to users. Unfortunately, ads can be annoying, especially because developers can be overly aggressive in trying to generate ad revenue. AdFree is designed to block those ads, but the phone needs to be rooted for the app to work. It won’t cost you a thing to include this as one of your HTC Thunderbolt apps.

ASTRO File Manager

After using this app you may very well be left wondering why its features weren’t integrated into the Android OS. ASTRO has its own task killer, file backup and the ability to send files by attachment right from the app. The strongest selling point of this app is its ability to navigate the entire Android file system including, the SD card, and even access the internal memory. There is a large percentage of users who don’t care about the files that are stored on their Android, but ASTRO File Manager is a must have app for those who want to better manage the files that are on their Android devices. This Android file manager is free to download and use.


This app does a pretty good job of viewing and browsing the thumbnails and previews of high-resolution pictures. QuickPic offers a smooth and intuitive way of interacting with photo galleries, in a similar way to how it is done on the iPhone. Use the app to navigate by double-tapping, pinching, zooming or swiping. You can also manage photos with the app’s sort, copy, move, crop, hide/unhide features. QuickPic can also be used to set the wallpaper from the photo gallery, as well as share choice pictures with friends. This is a free app.


Seesmic is one of the most heavily downloaded and rated Twitter clients and for good reason. Here is a powerful app that enables you to manage all your micro blogging in one place. Seesmic can also manage some of your social network accounts, but it really shines as a Buzz, Salesforce Chatter, and Twitter client. The widget could use some work, but it is one of the best Twitter apps out there. One of Seesmic’s strongest selling points is its support of multiple accounts with the option to simultaneously post to those accounts. Seesmic wont earn much praise for its looks, but it earns makeup points for its near extensive list of customization options, including how URL shortening, fonts, update intervals and message notifications are handled. Seesmic is a free app.


Going to the movies is a part of the American lifestyle, which makes this app a must have resource for many. Movies gives access to thousands of reviews (via Rotten Tomatoes) on popular box office listings and DVDs. You can use the app to lookup reviews, and watch movie trailers of interest to you. If you are in the mood to go to a theater, the mapping feature will show those that are the closest and give a list of what is being shown there as well. If you are more interested in watching your movies at home you can create and manage a Netflix queue and pull movies from that list at your convenience or pleasure. This app is also free to download and use.

What Year did Galileo Make his First Telescope?

In 2009, the “The International Year of Astronomy,” marked the 400th anniversary of the telescope. Galileo made the first telescope in 1609, an instrument that revolutionized — and continues to revolutionize — our view of the world and the universe.

In 1609 Galileo Made His First Telescope

In the summer of 1609, Galileo Galilei was in Venice, where he heard news of a Flemish inventor’s new creation, "a glass by means of which distant objects could be seen as distinctly as if they were nearby" (see Stillman Drake’s book, "Galileo at Work"). Returning home to Padua, Galileo put his mind to assembling such a device of his own, and one day later he built his first telescope.

Four hundred years later, astronomers and astronomy buffs around the world plan to mark the anniversary of Galileo’s first refracting telescope, with a 12-month calendar full of special events and programs.

(Note: while Galileo gets credit for the telescope because of the ground-breaking influence of his creation, the first "spyglasses" were made in 1608 by three men in the Netherlands: Hans Lippershey, Zacharias Janssen and Jacob Metius. Hence, Europe’s 400-years-of-the-telescope celebration is taking place this year.)

Also dubbed "The International Year of Astronomy" (IYA), 2009 "will be a global celebration of astronomy and its contributions to society and culture, highlighted by the 400th anniversary of the first use of an astronomical telescope by Galileo Galilei," according to the IYA’s Website. Heading up preparations for the IYA are two key partners: the International Astronomical Union and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

A 19th Century Telescope

An illustration of a telescope that appeared in the Prussian Optical Telegraph Handbook for Telegraphists, (Museum für Post und Telekommunikation, Frankfurt), circa 1835.

Image credit:

2009 Anniversary Highlights

So what exactly will be taking place during this global celebration of the invention of the telescope? Some of the highlights include:

100 Hours of Astronomy. Set for April 2 through 5, this event kicks off when the moon’s phase goes from first quarter to gibbous. True to its name, 100 Hours of Astronomy will run for 100 continuous hours, with activities planned worldwide. The celebration opens by featuring the telescope first used by Galileo and then moves on to observing sessions, educational activities, 24 hours of live Webcasts and 24 hours of sidewalk astronomy (coinciding with the International Sidewalk Astronomy Night) in cities around the globe. A key goal of 100 Hours organizers is to “have as many people as possible look through a telescope, as Galileo did for the first time 400 years ago.” A Galileoscope in every backyard. Well, not quite. But IYA organizers aim to put a simple telescope, akin to the one used by Galileo, in the hands of as many people around the world as possible. The goal: to give 10 million people their first glimpses of the heavens through a telescope. A professional astronomer blogfest. The IYA’s Cosmic Diary Blog (coming here soon) will feature ongoing online commentary by 24 resident astronomer-bloggers hailing from everywhere from Belgium to Vatican City. The purpose of the blog will be to “put a human face on astronomy” and let astronomer-bloggers talk not only about their work but where they live, what they do when they’re not working, their hobbies, their families, and more. When completed, the blog will eventually also be repackaged as a book and a documentary. The unveiling of a new “Portal to the Universe.” Now in development, the Portal to the Universe will be a global, one-stop shop for all things astronomical. In addition to featuring news, photos, art, and resources about astronomy around the globe, the portal is also being designed to serve as a social networking site for anyone interested in astronomy. A tour of Galileo’s “Tuscan Sky.” The Astronomical Society of the Pacific plans to embark on an eight-day tour of Italy to explore all things astronomical and Galileo-related. Travelers on the March 25 to April 2 trip will get to hear lectures about astronomy, tour Florence’s Science History Museum, visit Galileo’s final resting place at the Church of Santa Croce and, of course, make a pilgrimage to Galileo’s House and Observatory. A two-hour, high-definition production of “400 Years of the Telescope.” Produced by Southern Oregon Public Television, in collaboration with the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii, the Carnegie Science Center’s Buhl Planetarium, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and Interstellar Studios, “400 Years of the Telescope” will take viewers on a journey through time and around the world. The globe-hopping documentary will explore everything from ancient peoples’ view of the heavens to advances in both telescope technology and our understanding of the universe. The program will also feature interviews with astronomers and philosophers about the future of astronomy, the impact we might one day feel upon discovering other civilizations in the universe, and “how our journey of discovery began with two small polished pieces of glass.” A trailer for the production can be viewed on the 400 Years home page, as well as on YouTube.

Telescopes in Space

The Hubble Space Telescope.

Image credit:

Selling talk radio.

Selling Talk Radio

Three AM Stations Seek Their Niches In A John Rodriguez This article is about a politician. For the article on the St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, see John Rodriguez (baseball player).

John Rodriguez , owner and general manager at KXIX-FM, 102.9, and KIXN.

KARN has a broad appeal with its blend of news, sports and talk shows, but its general format wouldn’t be successful on four stations in a market the size of Little Rock.

Consequently, the other three AM news-talk stations must highlight specific areas of programming.

KIXN concentrates on sports.

Rush Limbaugh Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (born January 12, 1951) is an American conservative radio talk show host and political commentator. Born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, he is a self-described conservative, who discusses politics and current events on his program, , who has been known to start his shows by saying, “With talent on loan from God, this is Rush Limbaugh.” He airs from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Locally, there’s Bill Powell, who some call a radical right-winger, doing his best to generate controversy from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. Monday through Friday.

“When people listen to KBIS, they definitely know we’re presenting the conservative viewpoint,” says EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) Using Ethernet to provide connectivity from the customer to the carrier. See 802.3ah.  Radio Network, which features Dr. listenership lis·ten·er·ship  


The people who listen to a radio program or station.  hurt revenue.

“It’s tough to be narrow on AM,” Ramsey says. “It’s pretty narrow anyway.”

That doesn’t mean a station can’t develop its niche, though.

“We are news-talk, but there’s probably a little more emphasis on talk than news,” says Ramsey. “We don’t consider ourselves a KARN.”

Sun Radio only requires stations to run its commercials. It doesn’t charge a fee.

Like Rodriguez, Ramsey thinks sports programming could make money.

There was not enough revenue to support Drive Time Sports in 1988, but the show returned this year and is performing strongly from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Ramsey says he’s also looking into carrying area and national college football games this fall.

“We are expanding our programming to become broader,” he says.

Winning The War

“CNN and KWNN: A pair of winners together,” reads a promotional spot on KWNN, the motivational station that’s now focusing on informational in addition to inspirational news.

Cliff Ford, KWNN’s owner, has found that like KBIS, he’s had to broaden his format.

The Winners News Network programming began in September 1989, featuring motivational speakers and what Ford calls nebulous lifestyle news.

Ford now says of his station’s format, “I hate to call it motivation. It’s more information. Quite frankly, we needed this blend of CNN. We felt like we needed to keep people listening. If they don’t have news, they’re going to turn to another station.”

Ford admits he was lucky to sign on with CNN Radio, a distinct service from the CNN Headline News used by KIXN, in December before the war in the according to according to


1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

3.  its owner.

Ford says, “I don’t mean a KSSN-profitable or even a KARN-profitable, but we’re doing OK.”

Ford hopes to network his station through satellites. He has had inquiries from places such as Philadelphia and talk radio.-a011110358

Pornography Addiction Expert Dr. Kevin Skinner Launches Solution-based Talk Radio Shows on

Author, Relationship Expert, Therapist Available Online with Internet Talk Radio

September 30, 2008 —Orem, UT –, today with partner Dr. Kevin Skinner announced several new Internet Talk Radio Shows that share solutions to real relationship issues via their universal expert resource site,

Dr. SkinnerÂ’s talk radio shows will cover a variety of issues from marriage relationships to pornography to parenting. All shows are co-hosted with well-known experts like Kenneth H. Patey, Lisa J. Peck, Sharon Patey and Kristen Lamb and are provided at no cost to listeners who log on and listen at Dr. Skinner is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has been a partner in Growth Climate since 1999. He writes books, online relationship tests, and teaches educational classes.

“With a majority of the globe now online, is a powerful resource for people who are looking for immediate solutions to real life situation,” said Dr. Kevin Skinner. “Outside my practice I can also provide possible solutions to people online.”

Dr. Kevin SkinnerÂ’s Internet Talk Radio Shows are live and re-streamed via and include the following titles; About Relationships with Dr. Skinner, Behind the Dating Mask, Community Talk Time, Finding and Creating True Intimacy, Pornography As I See It, Dealing with a Partners Sexual Addiction, Thriving After Divorce , Same Page Parenting, and Fostering Self Esteem in Your Children. Callers are invited to ask questions LIVE or listen to re-broadcasts and visit Dr. Kevin SkinnerÂ’s blogs located at offers access to the world’s experts, like Dr. Kevin Skinner, through an online offering in partnership with Planetary Streams International, a social media communications company. is a resource for answers from assembled online experts ready to help with answers. Users can submit their question about anything from education, finance, health and relationships and experts in those fields will share an online answer in 24 hours. is available online at For more information please contact Danielle at and 801-373-9469. Media Contact, Kim Power Stilson, Kim@powerstrategies.TV.###

Author’s Bio: 

We offer access to the world’s experts,through an online offering in partnership with Planetary Streams International, Users can submit their question about anything from education, finance, relationships and experts respond online in 24 hours. For more info please contact Danielle at

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