Dating Tips: What To Do After The Break Up

Many people give advice about how to break up with someone.  The information that seems to be missing is what to do after the breakup.  Men and women respond differently to the dissipation of a relationship.  But, regardless of their differences they both are emotionally drained after a break up.  Because of this there are some things that both can do to make this transitional period smoother.

Keep Yourself Busy.  Sometimes the worst thing in the world is idle time.  It is a good idea to plan things to do during this initial period after the relationship.  This is a good time to go and see friends or visit some sites in your city that you hadn’t been to before.  Work on bettering yourself through classes or challenge yourself to a new level of fitness.  This will keep you focused on something other than your ex.

No Contact.  It is difficult for some people to totally cut themselves off from the person they have been involved with.  If you want a fresh start, this is exactly what you need to do.  Some people believe after the relationship is over they can still be friends.  While this is possible, immediately after the relationship ends is not the time.  Don’t call him or her, drive by their place or any other risky behavior.  If so, you may find yourself being arrested for stalking.  Give yourself time to rebound from the relationship and clear your head.  Sometimes a person is easily manipulated when their feelings are still involved and they are seeing the ex.  If you are not good enough for the relationship, don’t allow yourself to be used for anything else.

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