Divorce – An Interesting History

About 40 years ago, getting a divorce was considered something so terrible; people whispered it like the name of a disease. “She’s getting divorced” carried as much fear and hopelessness as “he has a terminal ailment.” It’s like if the person said it too loud, the same terrible, barely survivable thing may happen to them.

Today in the US about 50% of marriages end in divorce. It’s almost expected that half of everyone who gets married will experience a divorce. While divorce is still a sad thing that breaks up homes, it’s so common place that it no longer carries the same fearful stigma. Life after divorce goes on, and often the partners are much happier to be apart. In today’s modern age of feminism, women make up as much of the work force as men. A woman’s independence and ability to support herself make it possible for her to make her own decisions, and she no longer has to stay with a man if she’s not happy.

Ironically, the presence of so many married women in the workplace has also increased the amount of romance in the office. Extramarital affairs are easy to come by while a spouse is off at work. A woman of the 50’s may have had to tolerate a cheating husband to keep a roof over her head, but that’s no longer the case today. In fact, many affairs that happen in the workplace involve married women who are not satisfied with their home life. They are either getting involved in these relationships because they are missing something in their personal life, or just for the thrill of being able to do it.

In the old days, most of the women who worked were single. Once they got married it was not traditional to continue to work. Few women broke up their marriages because they were involved with other men. Homemakers did not come across the opportunity to work side by side and create intellectual bonds with men who were not their husbands. This is where the stereotype of the husband running off with the younger secretary comes from. Secretaries usually were young because most old enough to be married left the workplace to become homemakers. The only women around to tempt men were young and single.

Conversely, happy husbands do not have to take a cheating wife and they are free to initiate the divorce without having to worry about who will support this woman in the future. Chances is are she is educated and will be able to take care of herself. In a relationship of equals, the husband will not have to pay alimony, and this gives him the freedom to go off on his own as well.

Divorce may be increasingly widespread and accepted, but it can still be very traumatic. Husbands and wives aren’t always in agreement that the relationship should be over. Additionally when there are children involved, custody battles ensue and the lives of the children change. They end up sleeping in different houses on different nights and this can be confusing for them.

The concept of spouses separating for their own happiness sometimes projects onto the children that they are not that important or that the divorce is their fault. It’s always a good idea to attend family counseling so that families understand the decision of the parents will be best for everyone involved in the long run.

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