Divorce and Drug Free Life for Amy Winehouse?

Perhaps a divorce is for the best for Amy Winehouse. TMZ reports that she has stated that “her whole marriage was based on drug use.” Being away from her spouse seems to agree with Ms. Winehouse. Lately she is looking a bit more plump and much healthier.

Ms. Winehouse has been pronouncing that “she’s off the drugs for good,” according to TMZ.

Her parents must be relieved if she is making a break from drugs. The British media has extensively covered Ms. Winehouse’s erratic moments and scenes where she appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Ms. Winehouse has immense creative talent. I hope she kicks the drugs for good and has a long, successful career. The music world has seen far too many deaths to heroin. Let’s hope her name is never added to the unfortunately long roster of musicians who have lost their lives to smack.

Heroin used to be sold by Bayer. Now it is practically that main stream again. I have heard a local high school near where I live referred to as “heroin high.” I have had a heroin dealer busted right up the street from where I live. Heroin seems endemic in America and Britain too it seems.

Too many creative types are reaching out to heroin when they want an escape. Writers and musicians too often start on heroin recreationally. I always wonder if it was a self destructive urge when they started. Did they just want to feel good or were they toying with death by trying heroin?

Ms. Winehouse, like many creatives, certainly seems to have a dark side. Yet lately she has looked cheerful and healthy. Kudos to you Ms. Winehouse for making a fresh start and moving away from those who live the drug lifestyle.

Let’s hope the emphasis for Amy Winehouse is now music, not drugs. She is very young and has already achieved enormous success. She has many decades to explore her creativity and share her thoughts and feelings via her songs for the world to enjoy. Congratulations Ms. Winehouse for choosing life and creativity over drugs.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2009/01/11/blake-winehouse-cheated-i-wanna-divorce/

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