Dorothy Rodham, Mother Of Hilary Dies: Secretary Of State To Cancel Scheduled Trips

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s mother, Dorothy Rodham has died according to information released by the family. She was ninety two years old. Mrs. Rodham, who avoided the spotlight during much of her daughter’s professional career was with family members at the time of her death in Washington.

Born in 1919 in Chicago, Rodham’s childhood was described as less than idyllic. Her and her sister would be shuffled back and forth between family members until her parents divorced in 1927. She was then sent to live with her father’s parents in California but was treated poorly, a story that was documented in Hilary Clinton’s autobiography. She would then leave home when she was only fourteen years old, taking a position as a mother’s helper. Dorothy would graduate from high school and return to Chicago after being promised a college education by her mother. When her mother did not go through with that promise, she found a job and started working.

Dorothy met Hugh E. Rodham and married him in 1942 after several years of dating one another. In addition to the Secretary of State, the couple had two sons, Hugh and Tony. Dorothy would remain a homemaker but did take several college courses during her marriage. The Rodham’s moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to be near the Clintons. Husband Hugh died in 1993.

While Dorothy Rodham did not make many public appearances or give interviews, she did appear alongside her daughter during her 2008 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, specifically whenever women’s issues were going to be discussed. Hilary Clinton would cite her mother in ads during that time of her career as well. Rodham would also come to a Clinton’s speaking engagement at Haverford College but did not speak at that event either. She would also be there when Clinton conceded the nomination of her party to now President Barack Obama as well as when she was confirmed as his Secretary of State.

Hilary Clinton has often said that she was amazed by her mother’s ability to be a loving, caring and level headed person after the way she was brought up. Like her life has been, Dorothy Rodham will be laid to rest after a private service for the family and close personal friends.

Hilary Clinton has announced that she is canceling two scheduled trips, one to London and one to Istanbul but has not given any details about when those trips will be rescheduled as of yet.

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