Five Reasons Why Men Cheat: Lack of Sex, Bruised Egos and More

Do you actually believe there are five reasons why men cheat on their wives, girlfriends, etc.? If you do, you are better than most women who, cannot think of one tangible reason why a man would leave home and violate their relationship by involving themselves in a sexual relationship with someone else. Cheating has become a normal part of the dating relationship for both women and men who are finding monogamy an aberration in 2007.

Gone are the days when marriage and relationship were treasured entities never to be violated regardless of how bad things got. Many wonder if we will ever return to a day when love and respect were values in every relationship and cheating was something that never happened. Or, as some believe, has cheating always taken place, men were just better at it or women were more accepting of it? That question continues to linger as television has educated this generation on the nuances of relationships more so than parents. And talk shows have made a mockery of wholesome, valuable relationships as opposed to the fodder that is talk show haven on television today.

But back to the point of this article; as a married man it is impossible for me to imagine ever cheating on my wife. I would imagine if I ever cheated on my wife someone would need to get a eulogy ready because she would knock my head off the moment she found out I slept with another woman. But since I have friends and I have not always been the faithful, monogamous man that I am now, here are the five reasons why I believe men cheat on their wives and girlfriends.

(In no particular order)

Reason #1 that men cheat on their mates is home is no longer happy. For most men, when their relationship is solid and the sex is good the need or drive to cheat is greatly diminished. That is not to say that some men will not stray even when there is a good situation at home. But more often than not, when a man is happy at home he is less likely to cheat. So women, I must ask a question. Why is home not a happy place anymore for the man that you love?

Reason #2 that men cheat on their wives is self-esteem. What? You actually believe a man will not give his attention to a woman who makes him feel like a better, stronger man that his wife does? Let’s be real and honest. Anytime a man gets his ego stroked by a woman she is going to get at least casual attention. That attention may be averted by men like me but for some, it is a simple matter of stroking that ego to the point where because he is getting something from outside of his relationship, sex becomes a natural extension of what has been cooking in the stew.

Reason #3 that men cheat on their girlfriends is sexual health. While reason number one dealt more so with the health of the relationship between a husband and a wife another reason men cheat is the differences in the sexual needs and desires between the couple. Differences in sex drives as well as the experience of sex can cause some men to stray. Some men are interested in trying new things. Other men are looking for sex on more than a once a month basis. In both cases, the separation between the two postures sets the stage for the possibility for infidelity to take place.

Reason #4 that men cheat on their spouses is because they can. Some men cheat on their mates because of simple mathematics. Some women either because of denial or low self-esteem take a very passive stance when it comes to their relationship. Some recent articles have gone so far as to talk about man-sharing philosophies by some women in communities where the male population is so much lower than the female population. For women who agree with such matters, men cheat as a consequence of women who simply allow it to happen and do not provide any punishment or accountability for the actions.

Reason #5 that men cheat on their wives is because they do not think they will get caught. That statement sounds so incredulous but when you talk to men, especially in the 21-25 age bracket some cheat because they are incessant in the fact that they do not believe they will get caught and if they can get away with it what harm is being done on their relationship. I know the answer is obviously a lot of harm but in their minds and in the minds of women that cheat for the same reason, cheating takes place because they believe they can get away with it.

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