Frontline to Home Front: Priceless Holiday Blessings

(PRWEB) December 26, 2011

These stories that Dr.Bonnie Weil is sharing is of troops returning in time for the holidays will warm your heart as much as the crackling fire and roasted marshmallows!

A number of troops coming home from Iraq will be on US soil in time to ring in the new year with their families. Says one father whose son is returning from the frontline: "Christmas will be awesome, but the best gift will be my son and his wife being here on the 29th, I would give up any present just for that. My eyes tear up thinking about the day my son will be [here], just a few days away!"

A sister whose brother is also returning from Iraq is eager and waiting to welcome him home: "My brother is on his way home from Iraq, I just got the message. I am so excited and blessed, I cant wait to see and hug him. This is going to be an amazing holiday!"

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil offers up some suggestions for helping families assimilate their loved ones back into life in the States. Some troops that come home will be leaving behind friends and fellow soldiers that didn’t make it, so the holidays are an extremely important time for families to assist a survivor in understanding that it is ok to feel good. "Due to the survivor guilt they may be disconnected and distant towards family/friends and find it hard to warm up to people and they may appear a little ‘Scroog-y’." Help them understand they should reach out and get the proper treatment, suggests Dr. Bonnie. "Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself," Dr. Bonnie tells her patients and sufferers of PTSD/Survivor Guilt.

A recent USA Today article revealed Marine Corps findings on a study they did regarding PTSD with 2,600 Marines and sailors examined before and after combat tours. Following their combat tour, nearly seven percent showed signs of PTSD. The Department of Veterans Affairs says out of all the servicemembers that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, nearly half have been diagnosed with mental issues, most commonly PTSD. According to the USA Today article, survivors have to find a way to forgive themselves for pulling the trigger. ( "It is important for the survivor to understand it is not the bad they did, but the good that they did it for. They did not purposely mean to harm, they did it to protect themselves or to serve their country which is very honorable," believes Dr. Bonnie. When a person is showing signs of PTSD, Dr Bonnie recommends that the other spouse take on the daily tasks of kids, financial issues, dinner and so forth to help the sufferer relax and cope.

Additionally, studies have shows that married troops may actually have a more difficult time returning to life at home – especially if they’re getting out of the military and being sent back on short notice when their families may not have had time to prepare. A Pew Research Survey found that chances of an "easy exit from the military dropped from 63 percent for single troops to 48 percent for married troops." ( The military divorce rate hit 3.7 percent this year, which is the highest level since 1999, according to USA Today (

Many families are poised to have a truly happy holiday, with their loved ones back in their homes – but it’s also a time to be sensitive to what they’ve gone through, reminds Dr. Bonnie. "Don’t ask too many questions; let them share what they want to share on their own terms. And give them the time and space they need to re-assimilate so they feel comfortable opening up and asking for help as they need it."

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