Help! Where to Spend Christmas Day

Since the credit crunch hit there has been an increase in couples divorcing just after Christmas with January 6 being dubbed one of the busiest days of the year for divorce lawyers. According to Inside Divorce in 2009 lawyers saw 2 million couples experiencing marital difficulties over the Christmas period.

With a lot of couples having the dilemma of where to spend Christmas day because they don’t yet have any children or small family of their own, the stress can sometimes be too much.

We tend to put ourselves under so much pressure as the big day approaches and we try too hard to decide where to go and what to do. Do we go to his parents or mine? Do we stay in together or do we go our separate ways on the day and spend it with our own families?

There is a solution that can solve this predicament and ensure that you have a relaxed and fun Christmas, but you do both need to sit down and have a chat about it early on so that you can let family know your plans in advance.

The best way is to have your own Christmas with just the two of you where you will be able to enjoy the day hassle free and cook the turkey, unwrap your presents and even enjoy a glass of wine together at the end of the day. You will gain so much from the time spent relaxing together and it will bring you the opportunity of romance and togetherness at this special time of year.

As for the family matter, why not dedicate boxing day to having both families come over to visit you and exchange presents and perhaps bring food or drink to enjoy.

It can be hard trying to see everyone at Christmas without running yourself into the ground trying to fit it all in and finding you have no time together to relax ,so by keeping it simple and having Christmas day for the two of you and boxing day for family you are making sure the festive period will be a fun and enjoyable one.


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