How Do I Move On After My Divorce?

It’s been a little while since your divorce was final. You keep hearing from friends and family that it’s time to move on. They mean well. You just don’t think you’re ready to do it. There are too many unresolved feelings going on inside of you right now and you still aren’t sure you’re ready to give up on the dreams you had for your marriage. In your heart and in your head your marriage just isn’t over yet no matter what the divorce papers in your hand might say. How do you move on after my divorce when you’re just not ready to let go?

It happens all the time. In most divorces there is usually one person who didn’t want things to end just yet. That’s the way it happens in almost every relationship ending. A lot of times, marriages could have easily been salvaged with a little time and trying but once lawyers get involved there is a lot of ill will that is created and then driven at breakneck speeds towards the finish lines known as divorce courts. What you need to know though is that divorce court doesn’t have to be the finish line for your marriage. It’s not too late to save your marriage even if it feels like it is.

Of course, there are things you can do, if you are determined to move on after your divorce. You may want your marriage back in your heart but believe in your mind that it’s water under the bridge. If that’s the case for you, you need to get out, about, and active. Your best chances for moving on after a divorce involve meeting someone else or learning to love being with yourself. Humans are social creatures though so if you aren’t looking for ways to get your ex back then you need to find a way to fill up the hours you would have otherwise spent with your ex.

But if you do want to work to resurrect your marriage from the ashes of divorce, it isn’t too late. Even after the lawyers got to you both and had you hurling some pretty hurtful accusations and insinuations in all directions it’s STILL possible to save your marriage after divorce.

You just need to spend a little time coming up with a game plan that is designed to make your relationship work this time around and eliminate a lot of the finger pointing that might have been present in your relationship before. Forgiveness is key though whether you decided to move on after your divorce or you want to get your husband back and work things out.

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