How Do Men Deal With Breakup

When I browse through the internet on blogs dealing with breakups, not many share on how do men deal with breakup. Does it mean we men deal with breakup easily and do not need any help? Well, I don’t think so.

Boys Are Not Suppose to Cry

I believe men in general do not like to be seen as weak as social norm in a way portray man as someone who is strong physically and it is hard to put an image of a man crying because he is being dumped by his girlfriend. It is also an ego issue. Imagine going to your male buddies and pouring your heart out, you know they will start ridiculing you for being such a sissy!

Men Cannot Express Themselves

Another reason is men are scientifically proven that in general our expression of words is much lesser compared to our female counterparts thus we are unable to express ourselves well which can result in us feeling suppressed and depressed.

So how can men deal with a painful breakup?

Do not be ashamed to seek help

Be aware of your emotions. If you are not being you usual self for example losing appetite to eat, breaking down and crying all alone in your room, not being able to work, intense feeling of worthlessness and in extreme cases have suicidal thoughts then you would need help immediately. Cast away your ego and let me tell you this, it is ok to feel weak and hurt because we are all humans and we have emotions! In fact if you are feeling hurt it means that the previous relationship do mean something to you and it shows how sincere you were in that relationship. Go and seek help from a counsellor and he or she will be able to help you move forward in life.

Speak to a female friend

If you feel that you do not want to go to a counsellor than speak to a female friend of yours. Why a female? Because generally ladies are more emotionally tactful and you would also have the opportunity to listen to a female point of view.

Online/Offline Help

However, if you still would like to be by yourself and do not want the world to know how you are feeling, then you may seek resources on how to overcome your breakup by reading blogs and even buying books to help you move forward in life.

Based on my personal experience going through a breakup what I felt that really help me was that I was not ashamed to express my feelings and emotions because I know I am not a robot and I have feelings too. A close female friend of mine was also instrumental in helping me recover quickly from my breakup.

I strongly urge you not to be by yourself and do let me know how I can be of help if you need any coaching or advice moving forward.

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