How to Become a Florida Mediator: Moving the Mediation Along

At this point in the mediation process, you the mediator have established the introductions of the parties and have developed an agenda for how to proceed. Most likely the parties have agreed on which issue to discuss first. Now what?

It’s time to encourage the parties to consider a variety of ways to help move them along in their dispute. Remember that the parties do not have to come to a resolution in mediation. There may be some cases in which parties prefer to have a court rule in their case. This is their right to do so. Your job is to help them come to whatever determination they are going to reach by considering options as to how to resolve their issues.

Here are a few tips that you as the mediator can offer to your parties to help them achieve a mutually beneficial determination.

People vs. Problem. We may not like the person we are trying to negotiate with. There may always be something we disagree with but if you can encourage the parties to focus on the problem and not the person then negotiation can be successful.

Focus on the specifics of your interest. When parties both want the same thing, find out why they want it. By determining their motives perhaps you can determine that each party can have the same thing utilizing it in different ways. Sometimes it just takes digging below the surface to find out why the parties want what they want.

Lay out a variety of options for your parties to consider before making a decision. Many issues have a solution, however there are also many times a variety of ways to resolve a problem. Your job as mediator is to provide creative solutions for your party to determine the best way to resolve their conflict.

Utilizing these techniques can really help move your party along toward a resolution. If not a resolution then the parties can at least determine where they want to go from here. That is your job as a mediator.

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