How to Draw Accurate Level Lines With Gravity

Marking out a level line for a decorating or building job can sometimes be tricky. It is the first stage in any constructive project and if you go wrong in this step you will certainly regret it. Flat walls are easy but what if you have a lot of features with curved surfaces or pillars. Getting it right can make or break the whole project so how can you be sure that your marking out will be accurate? One way is to pay a lot of money for laser level devices and tripods and all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff, but I want to tell you an old fashioned trick that not many people know but everyone can understand.

Gravity is Always Right

Water is under the influence of gravity as is everything on earth. Because water is a liquid calm water will always be level. This can be used to our advantage when we want a level line because if we can encapsulate water somehow it can be used as a reference in order to achieve a level line. This article will explain how this is done in detail but first you will need some items.

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