How to File a Cruise Ship Injury Lawsuit

Attorneys for 39 survivors of the Costa cruise ship that capsized off the coast of Italy in January have filled one of the largest class action injury suits in the history of the cruising in a Florida State Court. The plaintiffs are seeking more than a half of a billion dollars in damages and punitive damages. The reason the suit was filed in a Florida court, rather than in an Italian one is because the company that owns Costa Concordia Cruise Lines is based in Miami. In fact, most of the world’s largest cruise lines are based in South Florida.

Since they are close to the Caribbean, which is the destination of choice for millions of American cruise lovers, most ships set sail from Miami, Tampa, or Fort Lauderdale. About 14 million people take a cruise each year, making it the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. But isn’t always smooth sailing. As we mentioned at the outset, cruises do occasionally go bad. After all, no ship is unsinkable.

One of the most common problems comes from overcrowding. Modern ships are much larger and much heavier than they were in the past. There were around 2,200 passengers on the Titanic, which was the largest superliner or its time. There were nearly twice as many guests on the Costa Concordia cruise ship that capsize in January! In other words, modern ships are much bigger, but also much more crowded than the ships of yesteryear. They also provide services for all of their passengers.

In the days of the great superliners, only first-class guests were attended to and served by a well trained staff. Now, all cruise passengers get similar services, including meals and housekeeping. This means much larger staffs, and, once again, more people. It also means that things sometimes get overlooked. With so much work to do, it is easy for a deckhand to forget about a wet floor or stairwell. Many of the accidents on modern cruise ships occur because people slip and fall on wet decks. If you have been injured on a cruise, it is important to know your rights. A cruise ship injury lawsuit is different from a regular personal injury lawsuit. How?

First and most obviously, the location may be an issue. The laws that govern cruise ship injury lawsuits may be different in Florida than they are outside of it. If you are injured in the United States, but not in the Sunshine State, it is likely that your suit will be tried under Federal Maritime Laws. However, if you are injured in some exotic port of call, you may have to file suit in that country. As a result, the first and most important job of an experienced cruise line injury law firm is to find out where the accident actually occurred.

As we mentioned, the most common cruise ship injury lawsuits involve slip and falls on wet decks or down stairways. Most modern ships are gigantic and they are crowded at nearly all hours of the day. If an employee makes a mistake and forgets to mop up a spill or put down a caution cone, a guest can be easily injured. There are also diving accidents and health issues, which are often the result of food poising. After all, these cruises typically have to provide three meals a day for thousands of people. One bad meal and a bout of sea sickness can leave a guest reeling in pain.

The Maus Law Firm located in Pompano Beach, Florida specializes in boating accidents, and most of their clients were injured on a cruise. Because they bring billions of dollars to the state each and every year, going up against a major cruise line is never easy. You need an experienced attorney who knows the law in order to have a fighting chance. Lawyers at the Maus Law Firm are well acquainted with the cruise laws in Florida and outside of it. They will fight to get you the money you deserve, no matter how long it takes! To speak to an experienced Florida cruise ship accident lawyer today, call (855) 999-5297.

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