How to gain your confidence back after a break-up

For a lot of guys break-up can be devastating. For me it completely changed my life. I had no confidence left in myself, I lost my job and I completely let it take me over. I told countless people my story and searched in every corner of the Internet trying to find some nugget of advice that would either make all the pain go away or get her running back to me. I had spent so much time putting in the effort and working towards building a future for “us”, that I had no idea what to do when it was over. Luckily for me, I stumbled across a website that gave me the tools to understand how attraction works for women.

Understand what women are attracted to and how attraction works for them was a key factor in gaining back my drained confidence. It was no wonder why I was having trouble dating women, let alone knowing what it takes to keep a relationship going.

You see, as a man you are taught from a very young age that women are attracted to guys that posses nice guy qualities. While it is true that being a good guy is a great thing to strive for, there is a huge difference in being a nice guy as opposed to a guy with good qualities.

Guys who are deemed “nice” tend to be very submissive to a woman’s wants and not so much her needs. Typically he will be down for whatever she wants and is only concerned with making her happy. Although it may seem like a woman would want this on the service, it really does nothing to stir the attraction in them.

Now a good guy is someone who is very confident, knows what he wants and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. He doesn’t have to do things for a woman in order for her to like him. In fact, he has the attitude that he is the prize and she has to work for him. This is what you want to strive to be. A guy who takes charge and is a natural leader. Basically, someone a woman can trust and feel confident and secure in being with. As opposed to the needy whiny guy who is nice, but lacks the balls to actually stir any attraction in her or give her the challenge she wants.

Knowing that, if you are one of the guys who is clingy and needy, you need to realize that you need a complete “inner game” make over. The first part is gaining an understanding of what women are attracted to and focus on the positive.

First and foremost, looks do somewhat matter but they are not THE most important part. In general, women are attracted to personality traits where as men are attracted to physical features. Bottom line, you don’t want to let your looks slide

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