How to Get Your Ex Back and Avoid a Break Up – Tips to Save a Relationship

A break up is never an easy thing to go through especially if one person still has strong, positive feelings for the other. A break up does not have to be permanent and there are some ways to get your ex back or stop divorce proceedings. The results may not be what you want, but it is worth it to try.

1. Do something for yourself. Go get a haircut, get your nails done, buy a new outfit or even get a massage. When we do something for ourselves, our self confidence gets a boost and we feel better about ourselves. This extra confidence can be seen by others and might help with getting your ex back. If they see you in a new light, it might trigger some old memories and feelings and get them thinking about you in a different way.

2. See a counselor. Not everyone likes to see a therapist to talk about their feelings but involving a third party may just be the trick to get your ex back. With a therapist, you have an environment where you can talk about an issues either of you have and hopefully find a positive resolution. Talking out any unresolved problems could relieve any tensions and possibly save a relationship or stop divorce papers from being filed.

3. Take a break. By taking some time away from your ex, you both will be able to clear your heads. By doing so, you may be getting your ex back because they will have time to miss you. The old saying about absence may be very true. When you genuinely miss someone, you want to be with them. If you and your ex feel the same way, the relationship may just be saved.

4. Do not be weak. Although you are in trouble and desperately want to get your ex back, do not beg and do not cry in front of your ex at all costs. You must be strong because if you are weak you may finally get exactly the opposite of what you are looking for.

Some break ups are meant to be and others are worth trying to save. By taking some time for yourself, taking a break, showing strong but flexible and possibly talking to a professional, you both will realize what is meant to happen with the relationship. Hopefully the final result will be that you will get your ex back and will avoid the break up.

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