If you’re reading this you are either a male who has just landed the dream date of his life, someone you’ve been wanting to date for a number of reasons and who you’re hot for, or a girlfriend and/or wife that wishes to drop your man a slap to the face hint on how you need to be treated to be happy?  Whichever category you fit into, identifying this issue from a male perspective with a female’s needs in mind, here’s how to impress your dream girl on the first date and try to keep her for the rest of your life.

Okay fellahs, so you’ve just seen the dream girl of your life, or maybe it’s someone you’ve known for a while and have been hot for, and you want to ask her out on a date. The question is not to ask but suggest going together to some recreational activity with a romantic tone to it.  First of all, you need to know what it is that this dream girl likes to do, so, it is important that you talk to her on as many occasions as you can on a more none threatening, social, level and find out what she likes to do in her spare time. You can boldly walk up to her and begin interrogating her as to what she does for recreation and promptly suggest that the two of you do some of these things together, but, if you haven’t established that rapport, you’re setting yourself up for major rejection. When you find some common ground interests that you share, delve deeper into those interests with her, and begin to deepen the friendship and rapport that you are trying to achieve. For deeper love, it’s important to try and be friends before you can be lovers, although sometimes if you have friendship one or both of you may have a hard time transitioning to anything more.  At a time when you begin to feel more comfortable, start suggesting, “Let’s go and do this together,” and state a specific time and date to do that. If you don’t mention a specific time and date, or event, she may think that you are being superficial and anything less won’t develop into anything in the future as she will probably blow you off as being insincere.  If you get a refusal, simply reiterate that you thought it might be fun, since you share this specific same interest, whatever it is, to do this social activity just as friends. If you tone down the, “I’m trying to hit on you attitude,” and more of the, “I simply want to be friends with you just as I would any of my bros,” then a rejection may be rescinded, but there’s no guarantees.  Instead of aiming for the “Hot date,” try several friendly lunches or coffee at the local café to start out until transference begins to set in and the two of you become closer emotionally and on a more familiar basis.  You should, at some point in time, get gut instincts as to what feels right and comfortable for you with this person.  Always listen to your gut, and watch the body language in addition to what this dream girl states in response to your pursuits.

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