How to know when the time has come for a divorce

If you sit there and wonder about life without your spouse, then this could be one sign, that you are heading for a divorce. If there was nothing wrong with your relationship and you were happy, you would not consider being without your partner. When you are deeply in love and truly happy, it is all about the word ‘we’, but when things start to fuzzle out, it becomes all about the word ‘I’.

Waking up in the morning with the thought that today is just going to be another day and even when your partner leans in for a kiss, nothing shakes you from that feeling, it is not a good sign. Especially if this happens a lot. We all have bad days, but when you have the love of your life by your side, you should be able to see some hope in the day and anything that comes of it.

When you are left at home most of the time on your own, wondering when you will get to spend some special time with your spouse and after a few months, starting to get pretty annoyed because they have not listened to you, this is not the sign of a happy marriage. Maybe you are the partner who likes to go out every night and leaves your other half at home, you should be asking yourself why. Do you not want to spend alone time with your partner, or are you just happy knowing they are there for you when you need them? A marriage needs time with each other as well as time alone. You need to be thoughtful of how your other half may be feeling.

Communication gets hard at times. Have you found yourselves going around in circles? Are you speaking about the same problems time and time again, but not resolving them because no one is listening? Do you find yourself with so much to complain about that you do not know where to begin and so you just keep it all inside until you burst? Are you arguing on a weekly basis, where you are so full of anger that you are not able to speak without raised voices and one of you just walks out to return late and sleep on the sofa? All of this is a sign that you are just not communicating properly and without that, your marriage will fail. Unless one of you pretends to be happy and denys yourself as a person.

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