How to mend a broken heart following a split or break-up

No one ever said it was easy to mend a broken heart.  However, know that it can be done.  Consider the following strategies to help make yourself feel whole again.

Understand that you are important and that things will get better

Of course you will be sad, but you want to tell yourself that things will get better.  Because in time, they should.  Understand that you have a lot of value.  Every person is made of so many wonderful characteristics.  Things may feel bad now but it will not be bad forever.  Know that you are strong and can weather the storm. 

Go out and do fun things

You are not in mourning.  You do not have to sit in your home wallowing in what could have been.  Instead you should try to go out, even if you don’t feel like it.  You might see that you start to feel a lot better.  Try to find some friends to go out with.  You might find that your heart will ache less if you spend some time with your close friends and family.   

You can also treat yourself to some special things.  Go out and get a massage.  Get your hair cut real nice or your nails done.  Pamper yourself. 

Even if you do not feel happy, start to play the part and you might find that you actually do feel happy.  Watch funny movies and try to laugh.  Try to get distracted in some things that you love to do.

Do something you can be proud of

Volunteer.  Help someone in need.  Do something good for someone.  You might find that these can cause you to feel better about yourself and can help your heart mend. When we have a broken heart sometimes we feel like we have lost our sense of purpose but you can get it back.  You can also do things to improve yourself such as starting an exercise routine (which in itself can make you healthier and help you look and feel better).  Eat healthy.

Look for someone new

You will want to wait until you are ready, but for some what truly mends that heart is moving on to someone else.  Do not wait around forever for that relationship. 

A broken heart usually does get mended by the best healer of all, and that is time.  Be kind to yourself and consider the above strategies to help you get through this difficult time.

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