How To Stop Your Child Abuse Memories From Ruining Your Adult Life

For those who were abused as children, the pain and effects of the abuse can last throughout adolescence and well into adulthood. It can cause severe damage to future adult relationships and interpersonal relationships, and create an inability to experience intimacy. One of the hallmark of adults who were abused as children is the ability to bond and develop intimate relationships. This is often created by the relationship dynamics that were established by the parent during childhood. Even more unfortunate is the frequency of adult abuse that continues from childhood. It is difficult for abusive parents to change their methods of communication with their child, which is why the dysfunction can often last well into adulthood and beyond.

It is not unusual for the pain from childhood abuse to magnify once the child becomes an adult. There are many things that can trigger this; including a serious relationship, having children of their own or even going through a serious breakup. It is quite common for the pain of childhood abuse to cause so much dysfunction in the adult child’s relationship that the relationship gets damaged beyond repair. This can lead to the inevitable breakup or divorce to terminate the relationship.

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