I Hate Him, He Hates Me But We Can’t Afford to Get Divorced

Times are tougher financially then they used to be and this brings on added stress which can strain a marriage. Many marriages fail because of fights over money. Now with the economy, it’s harder to be able to get a divorce. He hates her and she hates him yet they can’t afford to get divorced. Divorces are very expensive. Attorneys aren’t cheap and keeping up two households (especially if you have children) is expensive. Add to this the extra cost of going solo on the bills you used to share. This doesn’t just apply to married couples, it applies to all couples. Hate ‘em but can’t afford to leave ‘em. So what now?

Well, for starters don’t make matters worse for anyone on any level by adding in a third party. Don’t go online looking for a new significant other or cheat on your SO with someone nearby. It seems the first thing many people do is start crushing and setting their hopes on someone else. People will even hop in bed with another and have a fling or two. If you’re worried about expenses, having an affair or getting even with your significant other is even more expensive on every level.

Easier said than done but try to make the best of your forced faux relationship. Going through the motions is no fun, we know, yet what we’re saying is to make the best of a situation that will indeed change. Nothing lasts forever. Change could mean that you get better or that you do eventually physically split up and move out. But for the time being, you’re stuck with each other so learn to make some adjustments. Maybe you can move into a different room or another part of the house. Learn to be cordial. Learn to walk away and leave when things get heated. Making adjustments is a part of every day life. At work you have to make adjustments. With friends, you have to compromise and be flexible. This really isn’t any different.

In the mean time, you may learn a few things about yourself and about the other person. And what can be wrong with taking some time before doing something drastic anyway? Maybe in time, you’ll both realize it’s not that bad or perhaps you’ll rekindle that old flame again. Who knows. We just know that time may help you think more clearly, learn to adjust and grow, and may keep you from making some pretty drastic decisions that may be your biggest regrets later.

On an good note, the rate of divorce is going down.:-)


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