Is it Not the Rich Who Exploit You?

On Monday, October 19th, Lowe’s announced it would close 20 U.S. Stores, including the loss jobs of 1,950 workers in the U.S. It also plans to slow its expansion in North America through next year. Ten of the locations were closed immediately and the other ten will follow soon. You say, Big Deal, where is the exploitation there?

Let me tell you what I personally witnessed while staying away on a trip with my wife on Wednesday in the late afternoon at the Omni Resort near Orlando, Florida. We were taking a stroll down the road from the Omni Resort heading towards the ChampionsGate Golf Club with a light mist and stiff breeze in the air. As we neared the sidewalk leading to entrance of the Golf Club, I noticed a group of six to eight men all wearing purple polo-styled shirts striding victoriously past us. More than one of these men had a flimsy chain and plastic name card holder strung around their neck. In very large letters, the name card read, “LOWES.”

And as we moved further up the sidewalk towards the entrance, there was a purple-polo-ed man standing with an employee of the Golf Club. The large placard she held said, “LOWES.” It’s the type of placard that you see at airports and 5-star resorts, such as the Omni Resort, for those VIP’s who are waiting for their limo to arrive to whisk them off to their next destination.

In case you didn’t know, the color purple historically represents wealth, royalty, and authority. Yet I can’t say for certain, that CEO Robert Niblock, was among those walking or waiting for their limo that day. But it does strike me odd that after seven stores were closed in August and ten more already closed in October, with ten more set to close soon, that a group of purple-polo-ed men wearing “LOWES” name-tags would be striding away victoriously from a 5-star golf resort.


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