Is Online Cheating Grounds For Divorce?

We live in a world of quickie marriage and quickie divorce. Almost anything is grounds with the right lawyer on your side. But is online cheating grounds for divorce in the general sense of the word? Is it reason enough for you to seek divorce rather than trying to work things out with your spouse?

How is Online Cheating Different

Online cheating isn’t quite the same as a physical affair. But that doesn’t make it any less cheating to many people who are victim to it. In fact, some may find that this relations is even more “all consuming” than a physical affair because it remains unconsummated.

There isn’t a moment of “let down” or that one moment of reality where those involved realize it isn’t all chimes and singing on the other side. For that reason, online cheating can have a serious negative impact on your marriage.

The thing to remember is that the emotional connection with online cheating is usually pretty high. When people communicate almost exclusively via the Internet or through text messages or even over the phone, it’s easy to hide the flaws. They are only able to see the best of the other person or what the other person allows them to see.

Of course the grass looks greener and the fruit is more tempting when they are only seeing the “touched up” picture. You can’t possibly live up to the expectations or promise this online lover has to offer. The forbidden nature of it only adds to the allure.

No Harm; No Foul

Your spouse probably believes it perfectly safe. He or she is looking but not touching. There’s no sex. There’s no physical contact. No harm done, right?

But there is harm being done to the marriage. A lot of harm is being done. For every moment your spouse spends bonding with his or her online lover; there is an opportunity that is lost for you and your spouse to bond. Those moments add up fast in the life of a marriage and you could be looking to get your ex back instead of trying to save your marriage if you aren’t careful.

The closer your spouse becomes with the online lover, the farther away your spouse is growing from you. The more involved your spouse becomes in a cyber life the more your spouse loses touch with your marriage reality.

Choosing Your Next Move

There is plenty of harm to be done through online cheating. But, is it enough to call off your marriage? Is online cheating grounds for divorce?

You’re the only person who can decide if there is enough left of your marriage to save and if you’re even willing to fight for your spouse with some unknown person on the other side of the World Wide Web.

If you do decide to fight for your marriage you’re going to need a supply of excellent ammunition. Watch these free> for step by step instructions on how to get that second chance your marriage needs to survive.

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