It was worth the dollars 250,000 to get rid of my Corrie Street love cheat says C5 star Leeza Gibbons; Life after Chris: Chat show queen opens her heart about her marriage from hell.

sizzler siz·zler  


1. One that sizzles.

2. Informal A very hot day.  Chris CHRIS Chemical Hazards Response Information System (US DoD)

CHRIS California Historical Resources Information System

CHRIS Computerized Human Resources Information System

CHRIS Command Human Resources Intelligence System  Quinten was worth every cent.

The star of Channel 5’s Oprah Winfrey-style show has opened her heart about her failed marriage to the former Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, city (1990 pop. 31,971), Los Angeles co., S Calif., completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles; inc. 1914. The largely residential city is home to many motion-picture and television personalities.  forgiveness Forgiveness

Angelica, Suor

is forgiven by the Virgin Mary for ill-considered suicide. [Ital. Opera: Puccini, Suor Angelica, Westerman, 364]

Bishop of Digne , she smiles through gritted teeth: “It’s topical topical /top·i·cal/ (top´i-k’l) pertaining to a particular area, as a topical antiinfective applied to a certain area of the skin and affecting only the area to which it is applied.


adj.  issues and human interest stories, and recent guests have included Kim Basinger and Roseanne.

She happily admits that it is her mistakes in life which have helped to give her a was worth the dollars 250,000 to get rid of my Corrie Street love…-a061018752

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