Lesbian Political Soap Opera Rages in Georgia


Click here for full story: http://www.365gay.com/Newscon07/03/032607adopt.htm


Here’s the bottom line:


Lesbian A and Lesbian B partner. 

Lesbian A has a baby. 


Lesbian B adopts baby and a judge okays it.


Lesbian A & Lesbian B break up.


Lesbian A wants to block Lesbian B from having any parental or visitation rights to their child. 


 Lesbian A is now asking a judge “to toss the adoption that she had previously pushed for, claiming it should never have been approved because it runs afoul of state law…since nothing in Georgia law specifically allowed gay adoption”


Lesbian A threatens to push back gay rights in the state of Georgia simply because she does not want Lesbian B to have parental rights to their child.


Lesbian A now doubts her homosexuality and says that she no longer dates.

So what do you think of this lesbian soap opera??  What exactly is it about people that when they break up they no longer want each other to live it seems? 



What is it about a divorce, break up or split that suddenly turns messy to vile in a heartbeat?  It’s one thing to bicker over furniture or a washer and dryer but a child??


Born and raised with two mommies, a seven year old boy is now an emotional pawn in this love-hate feud between two women.  What can be learned from this lesson that now threatens to overturn gay rights in a conservative southern state?


I want to hear your thoughts……..


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