Magic of Making Up – Avoiding Divorce

Today, divorce seems to be a trendy cure-all. Couples beleaguered with personal and business difficulties see divorce as an easy solution that is socially acceptable. After the separation. However, the former partners frequently are lonely and depressed.

To avoid divorce by default, be alert to these six snares:

Divorce is not a panacea… It will not cure dissatisfaction with work, a mid-life crisis or a poor self-image. In fact, divorce robs you of a helpmate at your time of greatest need.

Don’t choose divorce because everyone is doing it. A million marriages a year end in divorce court, but because the trail is well worn doesn’t mean that it is necessarily the right way for you…

Avoid words that make separation inevitable. The very mention of the word “divorce” in an argument can shatter the fragile bond of marriage. Its repeated use will certainly destroy even the strongest union.

Don’t allow one mate to precipitate the split through extreme actions. One partner will sometimes behave so inconsiderately that the other is forced to ask for a separation… Then the inconsiderate partner can claim that it was the other’s idea. The best bet is for the abused partner to stand up for the marriage, calling the bluff of the other partner.

Never talk to a divorce lawyer unless both sides are serious. Even an innocent request for legal definitions by one mate can send both partners into warring camps.

Don’t be lured by the glamour of divorce. Today’s pop culture abounds with couples who have made fresh and constructive starts after shredding their previous mates. In the glitter of their personal successes s actors, entertainers, or sports heroes, the divorces of these stars seem to be a beacon of hope to others. Most of these new marriages are successful. however, only if both partners work very hard at making them so

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