Money isn’t everything – until you don’t have it when you need it. CorePurpose announces July 20th session of the acclaimed Ready Set Grow Series – Foucus on Finance: Money Matters.

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) June 22, 2004

CorePurpose, Inc., a management consulting, software and outsourced solutions provider, today announced the seventh installment in the Ready Set Grow Lecture Series : ”Focus on Finance: Money Matters”.

”Money isnÂÂ’t everythingÂÂ- until you donÂÂ’t have it when you need it” shared Joan Koerber-Walker, executive director of CorePurpose, Inc. ”Every businessÂÂ-large and smallÂÂ-goes through cycles of investment growth and reinvestment. Too often, we underestimate what we need or when weÂÂ’ll need itÂÂ-the results can be catastrophicÂÂ-missed opportunitiesÂÂ-stalled growth or even worse.”

On July 20, 2004, industry executives from around the valley will join Koerber-Walker and corporate finance and turn around expert David Mork to exploreÂÂ-

o The Business Growth and Financing Cycle

o How to predict future needs

o And where and when to pursue them

According to finance and restructure expert David Mork, ”you can have the greatest product or service in the worldÂÂ-but if the money runs outÂÂ-you canÂÂ’t deliver!” Mork will share some of the secrets he has used to help companies around the world Focus on Finance.

David Mork is a Director of CBIZ Miller Wagner, Inc., and Practice Leader/Director of the CBIZ Restructuring Group, which serves as an advisor to troubled entities, assists companies in turnaround situations, and is based in Phoenix. He brings over 24 years of experience in the restructuring industry where as a practitioner in the field he has managed hundredÂÂ’s of turnaround and bankruptcy cases since the enactment of the Code in 1979.

Mork has been retained as a financial advisor by entities with multiple operations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. He has managed the turnaround of large multi-location entities engaged in real estate, manufacturing, distribution, health care, financial institutions, construction, and transportation.

Ready Set Grow, is a 12 month program bringing 12 nationally known business growth experts to the valley. The series continues throughout 2004 and is held the third Tuesday morning of the month. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to these executive experts share insights and then participate in workshops designed to apply the same concepts to their own companies. Subscriptions are offered as a series and on a single session basis.

Each program looks at a different facet of business growth strategy ranging from strategic execution to product design, customer focus and service, operations, sales, and globalization.

The program has gained support from a number of business and community sponsors including The Business Journal, the Arizona Technology Council, AZ SNAP, ASBA, The Downtown Phoenix Partnership ÂÂ- Copper Square, and The Business and Industry Institute at Mesa Community College.

”Workforce development is key to ArizonaÂÂ’s economic recovery”, said Koerber-Walker. ”Ready Set Grow is designed to support workforce development at multiple levels in an organization from senior leadership to the organizations key managers and next generation leaders. It is an opportunity for employees to step up and become part of the solution and an opportunity for employers to energize and endorse key team members through investing in their professional development.”

Program details and information:

When, Where and How Much?

Dates: July 20, 2004 ÂÂ- December 21th, 2004

Forums: 3rd Tuesday of every month

”Focus on Finance: Money Matters”. July 20 , 2004


7:30 ÂÂ- 8:00 AM ÂÂ- Continental Breakfast

8:00ÂÂ-12:00PM ÂÂ- Forum Session


Business and Industry Institute

Mesa Community College

145 North Centennial Way

Mesa, Arizona 85201


Single Sessions Pricing

Individual participant: $129 per session

Groups of 3 or more: $117 per person per session

for the Ready/Set/Grow series

Individual participant:

$600.00 for the balance of 2004

Groups of 3 or more: $540.00 per person

For more details and registration ÂÂ- visit

About CorePurpose, Inc.

Headquartered in Arizona, CorePurpose, Inc., is a consulting and solutions company specializing in focusing companies for greater success through high impact activities that link directly to results. Together with members of the CoreAllianceSM, CorePurpose, Inc. works with companies and organizations to align internal resources to their areas focus while offering resources for mentoring, implementation and outsourcing in non-core areas or areas where additional support is required including: HR, Sales and Marketing, Operations, IT, and Finance. For more information about CorePurpose, Inc., and to view the listing and experience of CoreAlliance Members visit:

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