My Child Is GAY, Now What?

There are three different types of parent’s in the world when it comes to having a gay child – the accepting, the dismissing, and the confused. For many parents, finding out their child is interested in people of the same sex comes as challenging news to say the least. Before you begin to throw out harsh words and express your own personal feelings about their sexual preference there are some things to consider.

Blame Genetics

Your child’s friends, the shows they watch and the music they listen to ultimately have nothing to do with their sexual preference. If anything, the influences around them only help them accept who they are. Advanced scientific studies have proven that whether a person is homosexual or heterosexual is determined by genetics. A person is born one way or the other and may choose to deny their true feelings and will attempt to be “normal” over time. You have not failed as a parent because your child has feelings for other people of the same sex.

Be Understanding

Obviously a father would rather talk to his son about his crush on a girl and a mother about her daughter’s crush on a boy, however with gay children this is not the classic scenario. As a parent you should be receptive of what they have to say. Chances are your child is not interested in talking about their personal life with you especially if they know that you are not in full support. However, letting them know that you understand and respect their lifestyle is the first step to building that long term relationship with them. This love and nurturing habit is also crucial in helping your child find acceptance with themselves and have healthy relationships in the future.

Do not Dismiss

One of the most common problems in the American family today is that they want everything to be just so. Many parents choose to dismiss their child once they find out he or she is homosexual. This can have long term negative effects on the child. In efforts to feel loved, dismissed homosexual children will often seek love in the wrong places. Multiple sexual partners can put them at risk from sexually transmitted diseases and other illnesses just as it does with heterosexual children. As a parent you should deal with your personal issues in private. Not all homosexual people want to dress up similar to the opposite sex and portray a stereotypical image of the gay community.

Many homosexual people are no different than a straight person. They hold down solid jobs, have nice homes, drive nice cars, and have a strong, private personal life outside of their friends and family. Choosing to at least attempt to understand how your child feels will ensure they make better decisions in their life and stay safe from sickness and wild behavior.

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