Natasha Lyonne

About 10 years ago, Natasha Lyonne was an up-and-coming actress, starring in quirky cult films like “The Slums of Beverly Hills” and “But I’m A Cheerleader!” She has appeared in a few films in the last few years, after a pronounced slump in her career. So what happened in the interim?


Natasha Lyonne was born in 1979 to Orthodox Jewish parents. She spent her early childhood in Israel. After her parents divorce, she and her brother moved, with her mother, to New York City and later Miami.

Lyonne’s first acting role came when she was seven, as “Opal” on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. She also appeared as Polly in the 1993 movie version of Dennis the Menace. It was in 1999, at the age of 20, that she got her big break, playing the wise-cracking Jessica in the movie American Pie.

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Natasha went on to star in The Slums of Beverly Hills, a film about a family eking out an existence along the edges of Southern Californian affluence, and But I’m a Cheerleader!, about a lesbian teenager sent to a camp to cure her lesbianism. She also appeared in Detroit Rock City, If These Walls Could Talk 2 and the tv show Will & Grace.

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