Real Answers To Fix Your Marriage & Get Your Ex Back

Have you ever wanted to know how to really get you wife back, even after you have messed up big time? Do doubts and the feelings of being lost without a clue hit you in your time of need? Then you need to take heed of what I am about to tell you.

I will try to spread some help to you with a few tips that have worked wonders for others.

I know you are sitting there reading this and feeling helpless and dumb, not knowing what to do. You have to get out of this clueless hole you are in. Are you gonna stay there? Or do something about it. If you are serious, then you better get busy. And I here to try and give you some direction.

First thing you need to do is change your way of thinking, it got you here in the first place. You have to stop feeling that you are a MAN, and I can’t do that, I can’t beg. If she’s mad at you, then you deserve it, and you need to be something different in her eyes to make this work. You have to come to the realization that you did mess up, and following the same old path will not be productive to your cause. No excuses, agree with it, and don’t be trying to defend whatever it is that you did. No lies, no cover up to your deed, just total honesty. Losing your wife is a big deal, and everything you do now is a big deal, and everything you did then is a big deal.

Second thing you need to do is not approach her with the same old story that you won’t let it happen again. It won’t work this time. You have got to make her believe you mean it, and words are not gonna do it. Whatever it is that you may have done, you need to stop doing that now, or at least be on your way to repairing that behaviour.

Get some help if you need it, counseling, whatever. Do this before you start to talk to your wife about how you are gonna change. Let her, and mostly yourself, see and know you are doing something about it. This will help prove to yourself and to her that you are indeed serious about making changes.

I know, I know, it is hard work, and that’s because it is. You are probably feeling that you are fine the way you are, but remember, the way you are got you to this point in your marriage. Obviously the way you were was not good enough, or else we would not be having this discussion.

If you can let your manly pride and stubbornness step aside, and realize what I have told you is the truth, then you can be on the road to get your wife back. There is a lot more to tell you, but I can’t list all the tips here.

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