Reason why couples break up

Couples get together and after a time, these same couples break up. It is more often the case than not, these days. A rarity indeed is the man and woman who meet, fall in love, marry, live and die still together. Although the exact reasons are quite varied, there are some common themes that resound throughout many of the break-up stories that are being written in relationships all the time.

The complaint that is heard most often is that there was a lack of communication. Where there is no communication, there is no relating to one another or understanding one another. You may try to tell your partner when something is bothering you, but they aren’t really listening, just nodding and grunting once in a while. Nothing will change because they never really heard you in the first place. Or, vice versa, maybe it is you that doesn’t listen or doesn’t know how to explain your feelings. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, but it must be corrected somehow if you want to continue on in the relationship.

When a couple is either married or living together, money problems are often at the root of the break-up. When there are financial burdens, we tend to become very stressed, frustrated and generally unhappy. Unfortunately, the other person in the home often becomes the target of our jabs and angry words. The entire relationship is clouded by the tension in the air and one or both people will typically decide to walk away to a place where they can breathe again.

There are also couples who never intended to get together in the first place for anything more than a one night stand. Probably everybody has heard the story. One magical night, one month later, one blue line, and one baby on the way. So, the new parents decide to try to make a relationship for the sake of the child. The problem is not with either of them necessarily, there was just no relationship to build on.

Sometimes there are important things, such as faith, that are not shared and although they originally didn’t think it would be a big deal, it turns into one. Or, maybe the couple simply has little or nothing at all in common. Opposites do attract, but it is diffucult to impossible to have a long-term relationship if you share no hobbies, no interests, and no dreams. If one person has a goal of becoming a millionaire and the other wants to move to Africa to help the orphans, it is unlikely that these two will make it. In the odd case that they do, only one of them will get to fulfill their life’s dream and

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