Reasons for high divorce rates in America

The reasons that people in America divorce are as diverse as the people in America. It is also relatively easy to obtain a divorce in any of the 50 states. No fault needs to be proved on either side in order to obtain a divorce, although some people will try to prove fault anyway. However, in spite of the fact that no fault must be proved, there are still many real reasons that people divorce including abuse, infidelity, and just plain getting married before they were ready.

Among those who divorce because of infidelity, this is often not cited as the reason for the the divorce. Allegations of infidelity may come out if the divorce drags on for any amount of time, but it is usually not the initial reason cited for the divorce. There are some people who will try to use infidelity as a reason to punish their former spouse as well. This usually doesn’t go well for either party and hurts any children involved.

Abuse is another reason that people divorce in America. Until divorce, abuse is, more often than not, a well kept family secret. As a result, abusers often successfully argue that if the abuse was real, it would have come out earlier. This is actually true in countries all over the world, not just America, but it is especially a problem in America where it is looked down upon to be a victim, causing people to avoid the “victim” mentality until it is too late.

Irreconcilable differences accounts for the reasons that most people cite as their reasons for divorce. This can be anything from having opposing viewpoints about how to squeeze the toothpaste tube, to one partner making the other feel like they don’t matter at all, which amounts to emotional abuse when it is recurrent. It may simply be two people that were not ready to get married in the first place. It may be people who stayed married long enough to raise their children and no longer love one another. In some cases, these are the people that do not place enough value on marriage, and feel that it is a disposable commodity. It is important to remember, however, that it is only some people that take divorce lightly, not all.

While many people believe that Americans see marriage as being temporary, and divorce as an easy way out, this is very rarely the case. There are many Americans who see marriage as permanent, but unfortunately, things happen that do not allow their marriages to work.

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