Relationships: Do Men or Women Move on Quicker After a Relationship?

These types of questions are perhaps one of the most painful questions that most of us encounter after the end of a relationship.

As a personal relationship counselor and an avid learner of psychology; I’ve been asked numerous questions about relationship issues by hundreds of distraught individuals.

Women sometimes wonder why the men in their life moves on too quickly while men often wonders how a woman can all too quickly do the “never look back” attack.

Men and women tend to be affected by emotional pain on a different level and reach certain points at different rates. There are off course exceptions in every case. However, the majority of men and women will agree that our cultural disposition and our biological make – up can help explain the differences that exist among the “different rates” that both sexes go through.

Our sexual make-up does indeed play a part in how we respond to the loneliness and emotional pain after a breakup.

A lot of men have a tendency to just let things absorb slowly meaning that after a break up, he feels the levels of pain at a slower rate than women usually does. To a man, after a breakup, he may feel liberated and seek out new love interest, usually just to get some thrill that’s been lacking from a long – term relationship.

When this happens, a woman will feel devastated and sometimes angry, wondering how he could have moved on so fast. She then, do her thing and packs her bags (emotionally) and take off for a while.

During this period of “taking off,” a woman starts to miss, hurt, cling, or become intensely emotional over the break-up. The pain that she feels may seem like forever and she is given to tears, talks with girlfriends and family members and then all of a sudden after all the emotional pain washes out of her, she emerges like a butterfly, stronger and better.

The woman is now ready to face the world once more and has gotten fully over the relationship. A rational woman will wait until at least six months to truly understand her feelings and needs in order to make the next relationship a breeze. She may even encounter someone that she feels strong enough for and has what she needs in a man and give it a try.

Okay, now it’s the man’s turn. After a few fun rebound relationship his minor “liberated” feelings is now slowly turning into the painful emotional state that the woman was in, which may take up to six months or even a year for some men. However, by the time he realizes that she is the one that he truly love, it may be too late because either she has now changed into a new, stronger person or she is with someone new – seriously.

Now the man encounters two things: The first is that he feels hurt that she has moved on (seriously) enough and something a lot of men may not know – an increased and renewed attraction for this woman, for she is now a better, more stable and stronger version of her previous self. This can be a dramatic experience for some men and this is when they usually go into a round of emotional turmoil.Thus, neither men nor women are cold or heartless, they just move on at different rates.

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