Resolving Your Marriage That Seems To Be On The Rocks

So, you think that your marriage is in trouble. It may be that you and your spouse just are not communicating, you are constantly arguing over trivial things, or a host of other reasons may be the cause of a steadily eroding situation.

In today’s high-speed society the various lifestyle events that target our marital relationships include career pressures, neighbor issues, pets, extended family issues, situations that involve children, and many other issues. Primary among these, are probably job and children issues.

A typical scenario might go something like this:

Marilyn, who has a good job as a financial analysist at a large brokerage firm, has severe deadlines that must be met in order for her to do well, be in line for career advancement and be right as often as possible in her analysis of financial events. She lives in a very competitive environment, is paid well, but is under constant stress at work.

Jeff, her husband is in insurance sales, and also has a highly competitive, yet well paying career. He has done well, yet is still under pressure to always do better. He has an excellent track record and is in line for a promotion. He does work 2 evenings per week, as that is when many of his family clients are available.

Jeff and Marilyn have two children, a girl age 12, and a boy age 14. The children are well behaved and do well in school, but are active socially and do have school functions that Marilyn and Jeff attend as often as possible.

Over the years, the job pressures have taken their toll on the marriage as the two careers have take an inordinate amount of time away from family and alone-time for the two parents. As the children have grown into their teen years, new challenges have created unique and interesting problems for the family.

Communications between Jeff and Marilyn have deteriorated to the point that they rarely spend any time together alone, as they are mostly putting out fires, both at their jobs and at home as their children have become more involved in school and in social time with their friends.

The marriage has lost it’s original basis of love and caring for one another and has become a bad example of how two people barely tolerate one another. Clearly, if this marriage is to survive, Jeff and Marilyn are going to have to find a way to communicate and talk about what they want to happen. This will have to involve some kind of marital advice that will give them a track to run on.

This is the major problem when marriages begin to drift – the orginal purpose that couples see for them to marry in the first place, becomes replace with all the life events that quickly overwhelm us from circumstances totally outside of our marriage.

People who are serious about saving the marriage, and truly are willing to get some sort of marital assistance, can solve many of the issues that got them in trouble in the first place. It does require that both parties be willing to honestly deal with the issues and should be the first step in attempting to resolve marital difficulties.

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