The most Frequent cause of Divorce

Top 10 causes of divorce. (not necessarily in order)

1. Communication.Communication, communication, communication. We can never say it enough. The problem in most cases of divorces is not the communication by itself, but lack of communication between the couple. It is very is easy not to tell your partner how you feel or say to him that you your relationship is going down the drain. What’s difficult is to keep communicating. At the first sign of trouble, you the couple should express their worries, hopes, problems with the other person, etc. The couple should not hesitate in consulting with a marriage counsellor.

2.Absence.Your spouse is never home. You start to think that you live with a ghost. He/She is always at ‘work’, rarely comes home to have supper and start having all kinds of meetings that you never heard about and have long names. Cherchez la femme/l’homme! (Look for the woman/man!)

3.Loss of interest in you.Hello? Earth to spouse, Earth to spouse! When you talk, you feel like nobody listens to you. Even the kids seem to take you for granted (you feel more keely because nobody is there to share your feelings and emotions).

4.Disinterest in the family.Leaving the chores to one person only. You start to think that you are always the one doing everything and feel like a slave. Your the father-mother-maid-chef of the year! Did I mention that you still have to provide for your family? Bring the money!

5. The Affair.Your spouse is having an affair and still think he/she can get away with it.

6. When lying is breathing.You are the one who’s having an affair and still think that you can get away with it.

7.Caught in flagrante delicto.Your spouse is caught with another man/woman (directly or because you’ve got your proof with the pictures taken by the private detective your hired) or you are caught. The case of being of both parties being caught (not at the same time, of course, is also to be considered).

8.The in-lawsThey start to give the evil eye, because you are obviously the one who’s wrong. Fix it brother/sister!

9.Playing at ‘losing the battle’You feel that no matter what you do, you lost, are losing, or will lose the battle in the long run. You can’t see the end of the tunnel.

10.No longer thinking as a couple.You spouse is a stranger in your house and you want him/her out. You feel that you don’t share anything with him/her and can’t think about what you liked in him/her in the first place.

If you recognize yourself there, I’d say start communicating if you want to salvage your marriage. Good luck.

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