The Power In The Relationship Lies In The Hands Of Whoever Cares Less

Sometimes it’s best to put up a shield as you head into the battlefield of love. Other times, we find ourselves defenseless as our hearts become exploited. But what constitutes who has the “power” in a relationship? Is one always held above the other? Relationships like this are damaging, for someone will always end up hurt. Maybe you’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. I have. What is your experience? Did it work out?

If you find yourself as being too recessive in your relationships, maybe it’s time to find your voice. Search deep inside for your inner-strength and have the confidence to stand up for your beliefs and opinions. This relationship involves you, which means you are equally as important as your partner. If you truly believe you “aren’t good enough” for him – leave.. that kind of attitude isn’t doing either of you any good.

If you find yourself “dominating” all relationships you become involved in, this movie may open your eyes. Relationships are about two people working as a team in a single unit. Both individuals need to be actively involved in decision making.

Too often we become consumed in a relationship where we “become one”. Dating is not about finding your other half. Instead, dating is about discovering yourself and accepting that you are already whole. Your partners purpose is to compliment you, not complete you.

Without an equality of power in a relationship, a couple cannot function successfully. Hearts will be broken and someone will get hurt.

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