Things That You Should Do to Stop A Divorce

 When you notice that your marriage life is on the edge and you really need to do something about it fast if you don’t want to lose everything, you need to assess the circumstance calmly and learn how to stop divorce now. You may already said a few harsh words to hurt your spouse feelings and you can see that he/she is already think about divorce as a solution. Nevertheless, do not lose hope. Despite the fact that a few relationships are beyond repair, many of them are still salvageable.

The first thing to do is stop reacting and start acting. What I mean by reacting is let the mood of the ‘near divorce’ circumstance have an effect on you. This can be dangerous because in your concern of being left out, you start to have negative emotion, looking for your partner faults and arguing over insignificant matters, being defensive, and so on. Believe me about this: if there is any person who is able to mess up everything and changing “stop divorce now” to “being divorced now”, the person is none other than YOU.

Yes, you have the control over your own marriage life regardless of whether you realize it or not. You could say “but it’s her/his fault. He/she is disrespect me, always believes that he/she is right, and never listen to what I have to say”. That could be true, but if you still love him/her enough to retain your marriage life, you need to do something about it. Note that getting back at your spouse by doing exactly the same disrespectful actions will only make you receive the divorce paper earlier.

If you wish to stop divorce now and have joyful marriage life, you must figure out how to respond to your partner unsympathetic behaviors. His/her behaviors can only hurt you if you permit it. Learn to assume responsibility on your feelings and act the way you want to feel.

Moreover, it is not impossible that the problem derives from yourself. Do you possess too much expectation from your marriage life? Do you honor your partner views and thoughts despite the fact that he/she is not as smart as you? Do you have low self esteem and blame your partner for it? A marriage should be an equal relationship where there is absolutely no party above the other no matter who pays off the expenses and who stays at home. Do you have tried hard enough to make such relationship?

In either case, if you wish to stop divorce now, you’ll have to act quick. You must CHANGE. That is the sole option when the love is nearly gone and you intend to reignite it. Love your spouse and be a lovable person. Sounds simple? It is, but if you are on the edge of a divorce now, doing this is going to be tough.

Don’t be distressed though. You can’t reignite the dead sparks over night, so do it bit by bit. Act more lovingly; pay attention to your spouse, compliment him/her and appreciate her opinions over things. Show him/her how much you love, respect, admire, and trust him/her. By showing him/her, I imply both physically and verbally; even though you’ve married, you can’t assume that he/she can read your mind.

“Can I stop the divorce when I am the only one who wants to keep together?”. Whether you recognize it or not, married couple grows together as the years passed. Do you notice how you and your partner have the same taste in some things like preferred dining places or bookstore after getting married? You may have copied his/her way of expressing certain things and he/she adopts your approach to deal with a particular circumstance.

The most important thing to realize is your behaviors and way of thinking have an effect on your spouse subconsciously. If you act as a person who value his/her marriage, your spouse will start doing the same thing. If you care for your partner and show your love towards him/her through your action, he/she will response to it. From now on, display how much you value the relationship and make him/her do the same too.

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