Thinking in Shades of Gray

The tension of a paradox can be paralyzing. Few problems today can be answered as right or wrong. Success will surely go to those who can find the best answer among many right answers. The current debate over immigration law in Alabama is an opportunity for our kids to practice thinking in the shades of gray.

Are we obligated to provide education to all children—regardless of citizenship?

Education leads to freedom and peace

Alabama’s law, among other things, requires school officials verify the citizenship of students. Heavily targeting the Hispanic community, the opposition claims the result has been increased bullying and a drop in Hispanic student attendance.

Freedom is the ability to act with choice and reason. Controlling your choices requires an awareness of options and a rational, educated mind with which to evaluate them. Helplessness triggers fear; fear hijacks rational thinking. Education and support replace fear with confidence and peace.

Freedom isn’t free

Just ask a veteran or the parent of a vet how much was paid in the name of freedom. If you don’t know anyone to ask then look at your tax bill—freedom is expensive. Money is a big factor in the availability of quality education—money that pays teachers and supports students.

Size Matters

Twenty years of causality debates about class sizes and academic achievement have settled nothing. Some argue teachers can’t be effective with too many students while others say a great teacher with a solid plan can overcome the obstacle. It’s true, a great teacher can do great things; however we can’t be sure that our kids will land an excellent teacher K – 12. Watch Davis Guggenheim’s, Waiting for Superman, and see what I mean.

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