Unforgettable R&B break-up songs

Dear Readers, something each and every one of us have in common are the break-ups, and heartbreaks, we have all either been through, are going through now, or even, God forbid, will go through at some point in our future. I invite you all to come on over. I am throwing a “pity-party” for all of us. I even took the initiative to make us a mixed CD for our little shin-dig, and since break-ups, and heartbreaks are such bad luck, I have chosen 13, (gasp), songs for our CD.

Since you have all decided to take me up on my offer, and come to my party,let me just say, I am glad you could make it. Make yourself at home, while I load this CD into the player. Let’s crack open a few cold ones, bash the ones who did us wrong, and have ourselves a good cry.

The first song that comes through the speakers is “Oooh, Baby, Baby” – Smokey Robinson and The Miracles. A hit in 1965, that is considered to be the groups signature song. The song is about the man, cheating on his woman, and begging to be forgiven. I am sure, there are quite a few of us, that will identify with this track. (As that song ends, a few seconds later, begins) …..

“Have You Seen Her” – The Chi-Lites. A hit from 1971. This song is for the ones among us, that never had a clue there was anything wrong, and never got an explanation as to what went wrong, or even when it went wrong. Some of us just never got any real answers or closure. (As we all pop another top) ………

“Reflections” – Diana Ross and The Supremes. A 1967 Motown hit. “In you I put, All my faith and trust, Right before my eyes, My world has turned to dust.” I know deep in my soul, that every single one of us at my party has felt this way, probably more times than we would admit, even to ourselves. (The next song coming through the sound system) ……..

“Band Of Gold” – Freda Payne. A hit in 1970. “Now that you’re gone, All that’s left is a band of gold.” A classic tune for all of us that have suffered through divorce. Honestly, nothing else needs to be said about this song. We know who we are, that have been there, on the crap end of the stick. (As a few tears start to be shed, and yet another top is popped) ………

“Sail On” – The Commodores. 1979. We are coming to grips with our situation in this song. Our friends and those close to us, tried to warn us, and we just wouldn’t listen. Let ‘em go, they are not worth trying to hold on to! Good riddance, we say. We are now, “looking for a good time”! “Sail On”, Dude, or Dudette! (High-fives


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