What are the positive effects of divorce with children

The word positive effects and divorce when relating to children sounds like an oxymoron. Across the globe many parents stay together for the sake of the children, even if the marriage is a bad one. There is a perception that children are devastated by the idea of divorce and a great percentage of the time this is true.

No child wants to see their get divorced. Despite this factor, it is also true no child wants to consistently be privy to fighting, snide remarks or even verbal or physical abuse in more extreme cases. While divorce should never be a decision made hastily or carelessly, depending on the situation, sometimes staying together for the sake of the children just doesn’t work.

Children are pretty perceptive and even though it may sound as if it is the right thing, if the relationship between the parents is really bad, parents may be doing their children a disservice by staying together. This is especially true if there is a lot of anger or abusive behavior occurring in the household.

Divorce for the most part has a negative connotation associated with it, but believe it or not there are some positive effects of divorce that children experience. While the negative effects are more obvious, these are some of the positive effects children feel:

*Exposure to Less Hostility

Seldom are divorces friendly, but once the household situation is diffused by a breakup and as a result the daily problems are alleviated, the kids benefit because they no longer live and breathe the situation in their normal routines.

Some parents even find a way to get along for the sake of the children once they are no longer living together. After children are no longer exposed to ongoing hostility in their living environment, they benefit tremendously. While they miss living with both parents, ultimately they are much happier when they aren’t dealing with adult problems.

*Quality Time with Each Parent

Children who have gone through a divorce with their parents reap the benefits of spending one on one time with each parent. Despite the difficulties of divorce, the one on one time is a great bonding opportunity for parents and children to experience.

While having family time together is wonderful, often many things are taken for granted and time is not as valued because it is always accessible. Additionally in situations where parents aren’t happy together this decreases the quality of any family time and children feel the sting of this.

While the quantity of time with each parent


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