What caused the break-up of Romina Power and Al Bano

Romina Power, daughter to Hollywood actors Tyrone Power and Linda Christian, and Al Bano Carrisi an Italian singer from a small village in the south of Italy both fell passionately in love way back in the late 60’s while making a film together. Despite coming from completely different backgrounds they eventually got married in 1970 and went on to become a very popular singing duo known as Al Bano and Romina recording top hits in Europe such as Sharazan and Felicita and taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Al Bano recalls that during a film set on the Island of Capri they escaped from the whole crew to a small grotto where no one could see them and there they had their own private wedding before the official one. They had bought two rings which had ‘forever’ engraved on them and as gypsies do, they both cut their hands and interchanged a droplet of blood between each other with only the seagulls outside the grotto as their witness.

They had four beautiful children between them called, in order of age, Ylenia Maria, Yari Marco, Cristel Chiara and Romina Iolanda, and the whole family were, it seemed, to live happily ever after in their house in Cellino San Marco, the home town of Al Bano, in the south of Italy. Everyone thought they were the most idyllic couple – Romina, such a beautiful young woman with her long chestnut hair and dark brown eyes and Al Bano, with his almost operatic voice who was a sex symbol to so many Italian women.

But unfortunately, as is often said about marriages between different cultures, they can be complicated, and this fact in the end played a large part in the break-up of this particular marriage along with another tragedy which no one could have foreseen.

One has to remember that with the famous parents that Romina had, she spent most of her childhood surrounded by the Hollywood jet set and was used to all the customs and behaviours that were associated with such a life. Although her father, Tyrone Power died at the young age of 44 of a massive heart attack while filming Solomon and Sheba in Madrid, her mother, Linda Christian continued to live an eccentric life which she also exposed to her two daughters Romina and Taryn. They got used to seeing their mother drink and unfortunately also to see her take drugs, albeit the milder types, which in the end they partook of as well.

Al Bano, on the other hand, had spent most of his life in a small village where life was very humble and had no such luxuries as were found in Hollywood


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