What Kills a Marriage?

There are many things that can kill a marriage but did you know that the one most often cited in divorce papers is that they simply don’t love their spouse anymore? Feelings of love or lack of love can easily make a couple drift apart and once that happens divorce becomes the next step. So how can you prevent this from happening to you and if you are already in the middle of a loveless relationship, how do you fix it and right the ship? The first step is to actually display your love and actively pursue your partner. Chances are good that if you think that your marriage is on the outs, that you will likely do the exact opposite. And this will only aggravate an already tense situation. If you are looking for tips on how to save your marriage, then you have come to the right place.

Love is about the action you take…feeling are the reciprocal part that happens from the action…

If you are on the side in which you don’t love your partner anymore, simply by being affectionate to your partner and showing that you love them may be enough to change your feelings about your marriage. It has been documented by psychologists that feelings almost always follow actions.

If you are willing to give this a try then I think you will find that your marriage is not dead and that the things that you do have just as much impact on how you feel about your marriage as it will on your partner that you are expressing your feelings to.


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