Why Did Leland Chapman Get Divorced?

Most of his fans known him from Dog the Bounty Hunter and ladies all over the world are interested in finding out more about the guy. Well today we are gonna find out the answer to the question why did Leland Chapman get divorced? Obviously this is something that single women will want to find out as they hold out hopes of hooking up with the man. So make sure to read on as we discuss everything that led up to his divorce with Maui Chapman.

So why did Leland Chapman get divorced? Well it’s kinda a long story but the case was filed under irreconcilable differences. It is rumored that Maui began the process in 2003 because of the whole situation with Andrew Luster. They claim that she used his prison stay as grounds and in all honesty that is a pretty good reason for one to leave a marriage. Leland was said to have countered that claim with one of his own stating abandonment which basically meant she gave up on him during the process.

Ultimately in the end both sides would come to an agreement to meet in the middle since the grounds had changed once he was released from prison. It appears that Leland Chapman got divorced because Maui no longer wanted to be involved with the guy. That is all speculation on my part but it certainly seems to be the case. The thing that probably hurt him the most was that she was granted custody of the children due to his stint in a Mexican prison which hurt him in the eyes of the court.

This really shouldn’t change a person’s opinion about somebody because there are millions of divorced Americans out there at the moment. Forever is a long time and sometimes people just drift apart in life. It happens all the time and doesn’t make someone wrong or a bad person at all. At least now some of the readers at home know why Leland Chapman got divorced rather than just having some pure speculation on their mind.

Let me just add as well that who knows what went on behind closed doors to cause Leland and Maui Chapman to want to get divorced and end their marriage. There could’ve been things happen to either side of the relationship that many of us at home would be surprised to find out. That is the thing about celebrity relationships that most fans don’t think because they are only people and make the same mistakes in life as well.

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